Yulia Proskuryakova was first shown a figure in bikini

August 23, 2016

The wife of Igor Nikolaev was first shown a picture in which she shows slender figure in bikini.

Wife of Igor Nikolaev, singer Julia Proskuryakova, refers to the number of celebrities noted for their natural modesty. She rarely shares his family problems with the public, never allowed himself vulgar clothes and is not showing in Network provocative photos. Even after in October of last year the star was born a long-awaited daughter Julia never showed the face of a little girl.

Despite this closeness, and dislike of candid snapshots, Proskuryakova still managed to surprise fans. She posted on his page spicy photos in bikini. Apparently, the hot sun of Jurmala and the hot sand of the local beaches did their job and in another of his campaigns at sea, the singer took a selfie, which depicted how she enjoys the rest. “I was lying in the sun, finally get a tan” – this comment accompanied the publication of Julia.

The young mother in bikini made a splash among its subscribers, noting that the figure of the celebrity is in perfect condition. However, many drew attention to the fact that the left hand of the artist bandaged. But anticipating the questions of curious fans, Proskuryakova immediately placed all points over “i”. She explained that she was bitten by either a wasp, or a bee.

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