Your own Success

September 5, 2017

Success is within us all, it is exactly what you want it to be and no one can define it but you. You’re the architect of its design, the creator, the one and only person who can give it meaning. What does it mean to you? Is it helping other people, is it making a ton of money, is it marrying a beautiful woman and having kids, then so be it. It’s very important that you know it is within your grasp to make the changes needed to achieve what you set out to achieve. We are what we think we are therefore if we constantly believe we are successful and all our actions support this belief, success will come. It starts in your mind and never ends.

What I mean is the daily attitude you have will determine where you go and how far you get in your life. It’s simply a matter of can you stay the course no matter how bad the storms get. There will be storms that you will not anticipate and these storms can disrupt your very existence, but stay the course and you will discover a person you never knew was in there. Success means never giving up or giving in to what is easy; it means consistency, hard work, and some serious dedication to your endeavor. During the last recession of 2008 many people couldn’t get jobs, almost all my friends were in some way shape or form affected by the Recession. Just about everyone I knew was jobless except a few people that already had half decent jobs and a very good friend of mine. My friend actually found many jobs; he worked all over the place. He had up to 3 part time jobs. In a time where everyone complained of being broke, he complained about not having time to spend his money. There was absolutely nothing that could stop him from making the money he wanted. The man even slept on Metra trains to ensure he made it to wonk on time because he did not own a car.

 This is the kind of thinking and attitude necessary for success. What is it that you want? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it done? If not then don’t even start, you will end up quitting every time. Whatever it is you want has to be more important than all else, it has to be on our mind at all times. Nothing you do should ever take you anywhere but in the direction of your goals. First identify what you’re going to accomplish and make up your mind to do it. Next, begin to develop your plan of action, how do plan on attaining your goal? Write these things down and take note that you will more than likely make corrections to your plan in order to make it more effective. These 2 steps are simple and only take a little bit of time to achieve. Next step is to develop habits that promote your success, for example waking up early will give more time to work on goals and get ahead faster. Imagine your preparing to defend your national kickboxing championship. Do you believe the man trying to take it is not up before the birds training to destroy you when that bell rings? Work as hard as possible, work till you are exhausted, work till you fall asleep, and work till you can’t work anymore and then wake up the next morning and repeat. Never doubt yourself and ignore everyone that isn’t in your corner, they are all dead weight. It’s in your control, in your power to be a success, remember no one can define it or achieve it for you.

Source by Juan Canfield

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