You would not believe the character of the child depends on the time of year when he was born

January 5, 2017

Children born in the summer, happier than those who were born in the winter.

According to researchers, the birth of a child directly affects his character. Significantly more people born in winter suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

To such conclusion was possible after experiments on laboratory mice. One group newborn mice the first week of their life was raised as if in summer conditions, that is, covering their cages 16 hours a day. At the same time, a second group of mice were grown in the “winter” time with the light that burned not more than eight hours. Then both groups of mice were placed in a dark space, to see how they will cope with the “change of seasons”.

If in the first group no significant changes in mood does not occur, “winter” of the mouse noticeably became sad. They showed all the classic signs of depression.

Similar features are observed in humans. “Winter” people can not tolerate a reduction in the duration of daylight and the onset of the cold season. In the winter months they are especially vulnerable to stress and depression. “Summer” children are more persistent.

Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that “winter” children slowed down the progress
the biological clock in the body of Maria Vasilyeva

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