You can lose weight in a dream: our dream has come true!

August 18, 2016

Dr. Jason Fung for decades, deals with the problems of people who are overweight and have developed an optimal diet and daily routine that will allow you to become fit and healthy. And the main thing in his methodology — a dream!

Jason Fang


How to lose weight in your sleep

“There are hundreds of reasons because of which people gain weight. Genetics, stress, improper diet, diseases — these are just a few factors that affect the deposition of body fat. That is why I am convinced that diet is not the method, because the strike is only one factor — nutrition. It is useless to give up bread, to prevent myself from alcohol, because it will give only a temporary and very unstable result. My method looks cumbersome, but it is complex, and this explains its effectiveness. I don’t know of any case that it didn’t work, and this convinces me that it is suitable for everybody, no side effects and the so-called “rollback” says Dr. Fung.

So the first rule: a long night’s sleep and a minimum 12-hour break between meals

“Intractable, persistent or returning after a diet or course of exercise for weight loss hormonal problem in the first place. Only the hormones responsible we feel hunger or satiety, craving for one or the other food, a burst of energy or a decline. And the key role of insulin. He moves obtained from food excess sugar into temporary storage in the liver or transformerait it into fat reserves. Unfortunately, the modern diet causes blood insulin more than required and this excess production makes cells insulin-resistant, that is, not reacting to his presence. The pancreas does not understand why the sugar was left unsplit, and produces even more insulin. It’s a vicious circle. The only way to break it is to drop insulin levels to very low levels. And the only way to do this without harm to the body to go to sleep. Only in dreams can we guarantee the absence of receipt of any food or drink into the body. The longer you sleep, the lower the level of insulin, the less insulin resistance of the cells, the better then will be burned up sugar, the less fat will be formed.

Fasting is not necessary! The interval between the last and the first meal shall be not less than 12 hours. That is, if you’ve dined at 20: 00, and Breakfast at 8: 00, the body will get enough breathing room to lower insulin levels.

Rule two: no snacking

The second part of my methodology is to reduce the production of insulin and during wakefulness. And the main thing — do not snack. I am totally against fractional power every 3 hours, although many nutritionists suggest such. The more often you eat, the more insulin is produced, I don’t get tired of repeating it. Yes, grandmothers and mothers were right: snacking makes you fat! Eat normal portions, but 3 times a day. Do not turn the body into the factory constantly digesting.

Rule three: better than no Breakfast, what is wrong

Now about the breakfasts. I am horrified by how many people prefer to make Breakfast as nutritious. Sugar in the morning — what could be worse for the pancreas? We only dropped the level of insulin as it is required immediately and very a lot! My method tells a different story. First, if you are hungry — do not swallow Breakfast. Many complain that they can’t cram any food immediately after waking up, but like as supposed to do… No, not allowed. Do not want — do not eat. This will only increase the insulin a break, it can also benefit your weight. Second, if you are hungry — eat unsweetened. Plain yogurt, porridge without sugar, salad but no muesli, no yogurt with fruit, no toast with jam!

Rule four: arrange fasting days

Go ahead. If your excess weight is about 10 kilograms or less, I can’t read you enough to establish a 12-hour insulin a break and deal with the Breakfast. If extra pounds more will require additional measures. And the first of them is a fasting day. Ideally, once a week you within 24 hours shall not eat at all: only drink water, unsweetened tea or herbal infusion. But if you like not on the shoulder, start to increase the insulin break. Bring it up to 16 hours, for example (once or twice a week). Sounds worse than in fact: is it so unbearable not to eat from 20: 00 until noon the next day? Take a chance and make a break for 18 hours: dinner 20: 00, and then lunch only. The effect you will be amazed, I guarantee.

The fifth rule: sleep more than 8 hours

There is one ugly factor that increases the level of insulin in blood is stress. No, I am not going to tell you “and you don’t be nervous” or “learn to relax” because it’s nonsense. If your work is connected with stress, or you are in a difficult situation, feel the tension, ‘t take it. Lupita punching bag, run, keep a journal or a private blog, which will drain all the negative emotions, it helps, I checked. And sleep more. I was doing research involving humans, normally dormant from 6 to 10 hours. The latter was the most thin, the first — the most complete. Changing the sleep mode without any additional measures, without exception, managed to lose 3 to 5 kgs in a month, that is, to lose weight in your sleep.

Rule the sixth: diet soda — no

Now would be a very short paragraph. Never never drink soda without sugar. The sweeteners still cause a insulin spike and sugar-then no, there is nothing to split. And start the same vicious circle.

Rules 7 and 8: wine and coffee!

These last two rules should get you started: drink wine and coffee. They do not affect your weight.

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