Women’s 7 qualities that will help to win the alpha male

August 2, 2016

And you are definitely there. And if not — have to pretend that you’re the lady that he needs. Now will explain how.

High self esteem

We actually had to write “beauty”, but looking around, I realized that’s not it at all. Insecure beauty, the attention of the alpha male draws. Because it is, in fact, not that he likes beautiful women. He likes women, treated other men. And if you look closely at their attractive girlfriends, you will notice that the objectively beautiful, but not confident in their beauty girls on the excessive male attention I can’t complain. And alpha male they are not interesting: what’s the point of that she is beautiful, if no one, it seems, is not going to win?


Than you are more honest the better. Hedge, as a young schoolgirl, is better with men of a different type. With the alpha male this will not work, he got bored even at puberty, when he began to flirt elderly teacher and sultry coeds. And observe the truth, they did not say never, because as you can, it’s unworthy of a Real Woman! Kindergarten, yeah.


There is only one type of women who do not have the slightest chance to win the alpha male is a woman with a load of problems. Not because the alpha male is not able to solve them. It can deal with them easily and honestly did not understand why the whining when you need to go and do. The woman “it’s complicated” — apparently completely helpless, and it’s not the kind of story that might interest the alpha male. Because in his picture of the world minor problems are not considered problems, and major are not the reason for the whining and hand-wringing.


If you don’t have to complicate it is not necessary to complicate. Need to be straighter and easier. Game in the spirit of “guess what I had in mind, hee-hee” is very small. It works with men who have nothing more to stretch my tired brain are happy to be included in your solo performance of “Oh, I’m so mysterious!”. The alpha male sees this as silly antics. He is, in fact, right.


An alpha male is not able to “dissolve” in the relationship and sincerely do not understand how it could be done. So women that put man at the center of your universe, scaring him, as would scare any alien life form. Because in actual fact he already had the experience that strong men are attracted to weak women. But a harmonious relationship there is a priori impossible: to drag “on itself” helpless and dependent creature — a very melancholy story, and the burden of responsibility with joy, too, he adds. Therefore, it is better to let him know that you are completely happy and satisfied with life, and the man — a nice addition.

The unpredictability

Be sudden, like a salmon in the blueberry bushes, yeah. And this, incidentally, is no joke. Relations, which are clear and transparent from the beginning, the alpha male is not interested because it’s boring. An alpha male is not looking for stability, not looking for confidence in the partner, not looking for relaxed relationships — it’s nothing at all not looking. He was used to a situation when “they will come, and you will give.” And all you can give, based on my previous experience, it is 100 times offered to you. He did not take, because there is nothing interesting there was not.


And that, in fact, the most important quality. Before you can conquer an alpha male, you need to be confident that you are tougher. Much stronger than that here is a man who imagines himself king of the world. Because otherwise it will devour you and spit out your bones, this time. And two in actual fact, the alpha male not looking for nothing but competition. Even in his personal life. Alpha males don’t marry “home chickens”, they marry teethy she-wolf. They don’t need a “safe haven” where they are waiting for a submissive wife. They need to conquer the world and then come home and say, “Look, I did!” And hear in response: “well Done, kitten. And now look what I did”. And, you know, preferably before the world is conquered by you, was a little more. Because in this case the alpha male, and never just will you are not going anywhere.

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