Why children don’t want to go to school. 10 reasons voiced 11-year-old student

January 12, 2017

Timothy Drogin told why students lose their motivation in the teaching and begin to love the school.

Eleven-year-old schoolboy speaker at the conference on “Tomorrow’s name”, in column for site Womo expressed my opinion – why do children love school and want to learn.

1. Teacher

When you come to school, you immediately try to instill fear. One of them is the fear of the teacher.

2. Fear of evaluation

After the first fear of developing a fear of evaluation. And then the fear of punishment by parents, the school Director. The school is not looking at who you are, you are judged only by your estimates.

3. Fear of mistakes

Another fear is the fear of making mistakes. School does not teach that mistakes can and should be, because the only way you can learn something.

4. Trolling

Another reason — ridicule odnoklassnikov. And often it is the fault of teachers who expose children to ridicule, pointing out to them that they are doing something not as good as their classmates. For them, evaluation is more important than the student. I went to the kids club creativity, I learned to weave beads, to mold dough, make bracelets out of leather and many other things. And when the teacher of my mug came to my school to offer a master class and spoke about my accomplishments, then the teacher said, “Timothy? This can not be!”.

5. Stupid tests

These tests, which give in the classroom, is incredibly stupid, because no version of their answer. Child to get a good grade, tries to guess one answer from suggested, but it may be his opinion, which he can’t write. I don’t think the time will come when everyone will remember all the capitals of the world, all that was written by Taras Shevchenko, the square root of five. I think if a man is interested, he knows more than a child of 10 years of school. And if he’s going to need knowledge from other areas, he will easily be able to get them.

6. The amount of homework

I read that there is no evidence that homework affects academic performance and children’s education. Once I was asked a number of jobs in the English, that after three hours of writing, I got up and couldn’t straighten his neck. I was taken to the emergency room, and I went in a neck brace.

7. The ban on the uniqueness

In schools it is not like if someone is different from others. It starts with the teachers transmitted to the students and stays with them for life.

8. School does not teach to be happy

I read that when John Lennon of The Beatles was five years old my mother told him that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Then he went to school and asked there, “what do you dream to become in life?”. He replied, “Happy.” He said, “You don’t understand job.” To which he replied: “You don’t understand life.”

9. The school is not teaching to work with information

For example, I’m watching a channel on YouTube, where the teacher of physics is easy and it tells material. Reading or viewing these resources can replace dozens of boring lessons.

10. School does not prepare for adult life

School is preparation for adult life. But she does not teach, nor how to maintain and increase income, or how to obtain it, nor, in General, how to earn. I think the main subject could be the subject in which we were taught to understand each other. After all, the ability to communicate is the most important.

6 advice for children on how to survive in school

  1. To learn how to survive in school, you need to have a life outside of it.

  2. Don’t be afraid of mistakes and remove them from the experience. I like the example of Thomas Edison. He was wrong 999 times before creating the light bulb. But actually he wasn’t wrong, he just identified the 999 variants that don’t work.

  3. To develop your communication skills, I would advise you to participate in contests, events, and even read a verse in class — it’s some experience.

  4. Experiment, ask, and learn to earn as early as possible. It develops confidence. For example, I weave the bracelets. Now I help the parents, but in the future I plan to open a small online store.

  5. Search for “their” school. My advice to parents: listen to your child if he said that in the current school he does not like.

  6. And most importantly, if you are not learned, whatever you think, believe in yourself!

Maria Vasilyeva

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