Where to attach the extra gum from the money?

January 23, 2017

The use of common things about which you were unaware

It’s not worth a penny, but makes life easier not worse special devices. You don’t even need to go into the store, they you are already home.

1. To the roll of parchment for baking does not spin when storing, put on his empty sleeve from under the roll of toilet paper.

2. Put a sheet of foil over the battery and the heat will be reflected into the room.

3. If you need a pastry bag, cut the corner off a package for sandwiches. For very thick cream, put the bag of cream in several of the same size and cut away the area on the whole structure at once.

4. Use an old electric toothbrush head to clean the seams on the tiles.

5. Wrap sticky tape on the palm of glue to the outside and collect dust and hairs from clothes and furniture.

6. Install the rubber bands for money on the shoulders of the hangers, and clothes will no longer sleep with them.

7. Folding non-stick pans, lay them between paper plates to avoid scratches.

8. Tear off a ring from soda cans and put it on a hanger hook. Now you can hang this improvised carbine another hanger with the bottom tier. And so a few times.

9. RUB the zipper with soap or a candle so she stopped seizing.

10. During the trip, you can smooth out the creases on thin clothes irons for the hair, if not hand iron.

11. Fit an elastic band cover jam jars, and you will be more convenient to open it.

According to the materials of Good Housekeeping. Photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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