What women don’t like men and what to do with it

August 23, 2016

This text should give the men on the streets! Because it’s all true — every last word.

Nina rubstein, psychologist, coach, Creator of the Gestalt center Nina rubstein

Women don’t like men talking. Chatty man is good as girlfriends and not as a reliable partner in life. Best female friend is gay. With him you can discuss all. But if you want, you are looking, primarily for business. The boy said — boy did. And it has to be the same kid. If a man spends all his energy on talk, and there is no action — a girlfriend.

Man paints the action. He thought to himself, he made the decision he did. This does not mean that a woman need not notify its actions — need, and then we can scare. But not in the form of “I miss you and your words a step can not step”, and “I was thinking to do this, what do you think?”. And to do that, by adopting ITS decision.

If a man is not his case, which he loves and which brings him an income is still a boy. Infinite throwing in what to do and how to make money — it is kindergarten. There is nothing worse male indecision.

A woman in this man, talking from such indecision like a roller coaster to physiological nausea.Women don’t like men who don’t take care of themselves, do not follow. The man who does not follow its purity and cleanliness, who do not care what he’s wearing is a savage or a little child. It can cause compassionate mothers desire to do it, but sexual feelings are not.

Very discouraged at its appearance the man as not a man, and a child who has problems with self esteem. Observe the balance, guys. If you don’t know how best to strike a balance — not too lazy, hire a stylist and discuss with him what measure and in what context and what is unnecessary.

Untidiness is calculated primarily by smell. If a woman likes the smell of a man’s body is fine, it could not be better, but any odor is only good fresh. If your woman doesn’t like your smell even is not your woman. And there’s nothing you can do, it’s physiology.

If a woman criticizes your body is just not your woman. Because the main critic of my body — is you, and not just a critic, a talker and worker. Don’t like — fix. But if you your body is happy, and no woman is not your woman.

It is clear that bodily features not to fix everything and not need everything, but the belly fat the Breasts and butt, and skinny the handle is not sexy. The maximum that you can awaken in such a good condition is a grandmother’s love.
No normal heterosexual woman can not stand when in front of her praise other women. She was the only one, period.

If you admire someone else, depending on the strength of your relationship, it will be at least silently marked as suspicious, and as a maximum — as direct treason. Because we all know about your biological inclination to polygamy. Do not wriggle. Thus, when the woman praises the other men — often in principle there is nothing sexual can not be. And if a man rolls about this tantrum is a boy with low self-esteem. Pay attention to the difference: the fact that women normally in this case, men — is unacceptable.

If you remember important dates, such as when you started Dating — it’s very cool. Even if you don’t remember the exact date, at least remember the time of year and don’t forget to specify “I think we have an anniversary coming up?” — you will learn the date. And if you will celebrate this day as a gift or festive event, plus a thousand” you karma. And if you missed for a few days or weeks is not a disaster. Better late than never.

Most women like flowers with or without cause. The smell and appearance of flowers is for women erotica. No matter what you think about this. If she hinted at flowers, the worst thing a man can do is say that he believes it is a useless gift. “Minus a gazillion” you karma.

If a woman about something I asked, and you forgot — she ticks off. If something was weird, twice is a very loving woman could take it to the limit. Three times an occasion for scandal. This does not mean that you should jump in all women’s desires and become a waiter. But make your decision at once — will you do it or not, and if not you, then who must do it. Make the decision immediately — that’s what’s important.
Don’t do women any favors. If you did something — you did it because you decided so. And that’s all. Or don’t do at all, if you feel sorry for and want to get something in return. You can always find someone who will.
No need to promise that you don’t want to do or doubt it. It is better if you first refuse, and then agree (at will) than if you first agree, and then you’ll sabotage.

If the woman in emotions, the worst way to change this situation is to tell her how she’s wrong in their emotions. Just ask her what she wants. Calmly and with a gentle curiosity. At least she’ll calm down and start thinking what she wants. Not necessarily you should and can do what she wants, for example, you don’t have to change parents, friends and a job because she wants to. Ask her to want something for yourself, not for you. And stay with your decision.

There is no worse situation if a woman you idolized and looks you in the mouth, waiting for each word as manna from heaven. One of two things: either she’s an idiot, or a way to manipulate you in the future, spreading you to the peacock feathers and the need to prove that you are cool. So no need to do it. If a man achieves this is the need for mommy, who delighted to listen to “Mom! See how I can do it.”
A man criticizing women’s views on life, tastes, interests and preferences — this Bay. No brainer that all he seeks is attention to his greatness. This means that, again, with the esteem he has a problem.

Even if it is in your opinion not right — don’t let a woman be mistaken. When a woman says she just says because she wants to talk. And if she won’t talk to you because you barked at her tastes and views, she’ll find another, more delicate. And it may not be gay.

And if you have self-esteem the same problem — find a business you like, and have smartercities in the end. The best support for men at all times the case. A man without works is like a dog without a tail.

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