What to tell the child about the Day of Victory

July 1, 2016

In kindergartens and schools EN masse, are preparing for the Victory Day, but not every child can clearly explain what this day is. Best of the may 9, revealed in the work!

Coloring pages, drawings, poems about Victory Day

Talking with children about war and the victory comfortably with creativity. Crumb draws or paints a thematic picture, and you answer his questions and tell the content of a history textbook.

Many adults first Association from may 9 – the tank. It is in principle a good option for image and colouring, not only boys but also girls. It is not necessary to paint it black or dark green. You can come up with their original colors, even the flower and let the symbol of peace on earth and not used as intended. Yes, it is a war machine for military purposes, but to escalate the fear around tanks and armored vehicles – not the best option of education and create nightmares.

Following the Association of soldiers. Again, it is not necessary to tell a three year old kid about policemen, detachments and the blockade, if he just asked who is this uncle with a gun. While the child is not interested in this topic seriously or not take place at school, the extra details about who is good and who is bad (from your point of view, which may differ from generally accepted), will prevent him form their own opinions. Take as a starting point the fact that the Soviet soldiers – good, Nazis bad. And you can draw them not only in the trenches and next to the guns, but on the streets after the victory.

Important note! When explaining to the child the essence of the war Victory Day and try to avoid the word “Germans”. It is we, who grew up in Union, used to this name, and modern children are more difficult to understand why in this case you’re vacationing in Berlin or Munich.

Speaking of V-Day, mention of the flag over the Reichstag. It is a recognizable symbol of a joyous holiday with tears on eyes. We can say, with the hoisting of the Soviet flag, the war ended. Ask the children to remember that before the flag looked different, and Russia was one of Soviet republics and against the enemy was fighting the entire Union, and not only Muscovites. This, by the way, the real answer is Moscow first-grader on the question of who fought whom in the great Patriotic war.

You can draw may 9 and symbols of peace – doves, and the beautiful fireworks and all that the child wants. Even if the story is sad – let: so the process of knowing and understanding is in full swing.

Poems by may 9

If a child learns Victory Day poem, take a couple of minutes and answer his questions. Let the “open hearth furnace” and “armored train on the siding” from the set of sounds will turn into something understandable.

Here are some easy to memorize poems that you can read and learn with your child.

Victory Day

Victory Day May 9
Celebration of peace in the country and spring.
On this day we remember the soldiers,
Is not returned to the family from the war.
In this feast we honor the grandfathers,
Defended his native country,
Gave the people the Victory
And returned us peace and spring!
(N. Tomilin)

The first salute in Moscow

When for the first time over the capital
Fireworks rang out thunder,
Raced startled birds
On illuminated Moscow.
From all sides of Moscow, Neglinnaya,
Over areas, on the Arbat
They tossed a pack of long
And in the darkness was rushing somewhere.
Moscow harsh, dark
Long been accustomed to them.
And suddenly the lights on Malaya Bronnaya,
And on the boulevards are lights.
For the first time the sky is inflamed,
The river shone silver…
I guess the birds thought:
Spring in Moscow! Spring thunder!
(A. Barto)

What is the Day of Victory

What is Victory Day?
It’s morning parade:
Riding tanks and missiles
Marching formation of soldiers.
What is Victory Day?
It’s fireworks:
The fireworks soars into the sky,
Scattering here and there.
What is Victory Day?
This song at the table
This speech and conversation,
This is grandpa’s album.
It is a fruit and candy
It smells of spring…
What is the Victory Day
It means there is no war.
(A. Usachev)

Holiday or not?

Children often ask: Victory Day is a holiday? In recent years more and more opinions that not worth to mention like, so many people have died, including from-for errors of command, and not all events can be clearly divided into black and white.

However, logically, may 9 was and still is a festive day, especially for the older generation. With tears in her eyes and a sadness for the dead, but – holiday. My personal opinion about this baby can be when you’re older and know more.

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