What to do when things after washing smell musty

August 23, 2016

Every woman faced with such a problem, as the stale smell of clothes after washing. Tell what is the reason and how to deal with it.

The reasons may be several:

Linen long was in the machine, the drum was overloaded, and things bad proposals.

To quickly resolve the problem, put the drum on a clean cloth of microfiber (universal dust cloth is fine), apply 2-3 drops of any essential oil and start the 15 minute programme extra rinse.

If unpleasant musty smell persist the problem in the washing machine.

Mildew smell can occur due to the fact that the very washing machine is not new. Over time on the walls and in the compartment for distribution of powder accumulate mold and slimy sediments. Accelerating this process if you MIS-use the machine: do not wipe the rubber around the charging port, all the time wash at low temperatures. (Mildew does not harm the temperature to 60 degrees C), all the time leave the clothes in the machine after washing and use too much softener.

What to do:
Turn on the longest wash cycle at the highest temperature, add in the car of chlorine bleach and pause the cycle for an hour, when the water temperature reaches the maximum. Then, during the rinse fill the dispenser Cup of undiluted vinegar and no detergent. Will complete the cycle. This simple procedure will help to get rid of mold. But, unfortunately, not forever. Therefore, prophylactic cleaning of washing machine is better to do regularly, once a month.
By the way, are now sold and the special tools – cleaners for washing machines, which are struggling with mold, and with a touch, and with unpleasant smell in the car. Do not confuse them with the means of controlling scale.

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