What to do if you hate shopping

November 4, 2016

Blogger Irina shares the secrets of easy shopping.

My name is Irina, I am 43 years old and I hate shopping. About my “sickness” only the closest know that the diagnosis is bypassed, and the mother and daughter, even my husband is happy to go to the shops, choosing-trying-buying-rejoicing. And I sit in the nearest coffee shop with a book in his hands, shuddering periodically from cheers: see, I bought(a) and guarding packages are not bought me things. How did I come to such a life?

First, my “disease” did not show. Everything was just – Soviet shopping was not as sex. The first bell rang when I was about 19 years old first came to Paris and the lady tour guide took us not just anywhere but in the Gallery Lafayet. Seeing this clothing is the accessory-Shoe abundance, my fragile psyche was traumatized for life. I wandered in the Museum, round and round, and bright clothing has merged in the infinite kaleidoscope. After a couple hours I found a girl from our tour group full of bright packages, and asked: how, you didn’t buy anything? Realizing that when you exit the store I waiting for the tourist bus and the universal condemnation (my God, she didn’t buy ANYTHING!), I was facing an almost impossible task – to go there, do not know where, and don’t know what. As a result, I grabbed the closest thing – fortunately, it was a gray cashmere sweater that had served faithfully for 10 years. But as they say, osadochek remained.

Then it got worse with the appearance in our country of shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets. Megamall my “disease” has been developing rapidly and no doubt remained: I don’t like shopping. I can’t go shopping “just because”, “view”, “fun”, “lighten the mood”. My math warehouse brain demanded clear objectives and optimization functions of shopping on the minimum expenditure of time, money and energy.

the Galeries Lafayette in Paris

In General, it was necessary to learn to live with this diagnosis, because I have seen the difference between well-and poorly-dressed woman – and I wanted to be in the ranks first. Should come up with something that will ease my suffering. Magic tool was unexpectedly found in my stock last.

After all, what is in fact shopping? It’s an investment in a wardrobe that should bring us dividends in the form of compliments, self-confidence, good mood, compliance status, and is in addition to the purely utilitarian functions of clothing and shoes.

So, shopping must obey the rules of trading.

What to buy

all H&M

The first rule of the investor, which goes to the stock exchange diversify the portfolio. What does it mean? It means “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, if you want to get the maximum revenue. That is, our portfolio should be “blue chips”, and promising interesting assets. “Blue chips” is a basic wardrobe, items which will pay dividends for a long time. Yes, there are “blue chips”, usually, a lot is the level of “Rosneft”, “Gazprom”, Sberbank – but it’s worth it, they pay great dividends. The number of things basic wardrobe can be different – it’s weird to advise the same to the residents of Sochi and Norilsk. My version was formed 5 years ago and stable revenue to this day:

  • coat classic cut: long black and beige mid-length;
  • trench beige

  • jumper black and gray

  • t-shirt

  • white vest-the alcoholic

  • white shirt

  • vest

  • black jacket suiting casual

  • dark blue straight cut jeans

  • grey sheath dress

  • little (the meaning) black dress

  • black pencil skirt

  • shoes with good heel black and flesh colors;

  • black heeled boots

  • sneakers

  • sandals

  • black bag

  • glasses and bright scarf.

Choose a platform

Site selection is one of the most important stages of trading. So you need to give it due attention. Two main options – online platforms (online stores) and off-line (physical stores). The choice is great in both categories, so you need to narrow it down using criteria such as your age (I don’t go to youth shops), the size (again, not all stores are ready to work with the size 48+), status, and budget (from Central Department store to the thrift store), accessibility (for some cities the Council to buy in Megamall sounds just like the advice to buy on the moon).

With online shopping a bit trickier – you need to be confident in the size and make allowances for the fact that sometimes all is not as it seems, so you should read reviews before making a decision. Remember the sensational story about the purchase of a pillow, appeared a piece of furniture for a Dollhouse? Or photo “expectations-reality”? To determine the size, you need to carefully read the instructions on the website or go to the store with the same dimensions – English or French, for example, and try on a skirt, pants, dress, top, recording the results.

When to buy

Trading has only three components: the entrance, holding the position and exit. Translating into the language of shopping: we buy, we wear, we remove from the wardrobe. I look at the whole seasonal wardrobe for its relevance and compatibility; make up kits and learn the opinions of experts-stylists, determining what you should spend money this season to get the maximum dividends.

At first, not relying on your memory, I photographed the resulting analysis of images – and it’s forever saved me from thinking about “what to wear?”.

The result of the analysis should be a clear understanding: what it is, what color and style you need. A few words about the color: you are advised to determine its type, get a palette of matching colors and going shopping with her, applying to those options that you think are appropriate. This will significantly increase the profitability of your investment!

Like looks in practice this approach? I this season need white ballet shoes in support of the “sea theme” of the wardrobe and was bought by a wonderful option of perforated leather with blue and red details along the midsole. I was spared from having to spend a lot of time on shopping, because I just needed to go to the store, spend two minutes on an overview of the Windows and shelves to understand that conversion doesn’t – go to another store; any version is – try!

If I understand that thing served me faithfully for at least a season, fit perfectly into my wardrobe, but it became irrelevant – remove the thing from the wardrobe. Not worth it to part with your favorite things for ever – fickle fashion and comes back in a few years, and a trip to a personal stock, “I and My Former Things” can be completely free to replenish your wardrobe.

Study, study and study again

Well, of course, the investor needs to learn all the time, to improve practical skills and to find creative solutions, to explore the market, the new players appear, old disappear into oblivion. So follow the fashion trends stay trendy, learn to combine the “blue chips” and “promising assets.” Even more important to learn to control yourself and the time to admit their mistakes. And the success of the investor will certainly come to you!

Yeah, I still don’t love shopping. But others do not know about – I have learned to cope with his “illness”!

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