What is the meaning of your dreams? Says the winner of “Battle of psychics”

January 27, 2017

Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa told us what the 7 most common dreams.

Almost everything, even the most inveterate skeptics, we attach great importance to their own dreams. It is always the signal or about what awaits us in the future, or about what happens to us in the present. Dreams are a good way to understand yourself, to understand what he wants our subconscious. Of course, the girls on a number of objective reasons give the dreams much more important than men. The winner of the third season of the show “Battle of psychics” Mehdi Ebrahimi Wafa not only interprets the dreams, but also understands the psychology of women. He led an exemplary top most popular girls ‘ dreams and told what they mean:

“The interpretation of dreams — the process of serious. It is important, first of all, to listen to yourself, to your intuition. And definite opinion about this or that sleep can not be in principle. Is influenced by many factors: the situation, the nature of man, even the time of year. Nevertheless, I tried to make a small generalization.

1. You can’t hit where I aim

These dreams are many, and I purposely combined them in single subspecies. So, if you dream you see yourself on the edge in front of the abyss, the road closed in front of you is a dead end, mud or swamp, you can’t overcome a certain obstacle — this means that in the moment time’s slipping away from you. Most likely, you are connected with person that you don’t need. And this is a waste of time and loss of youth. Think about it, not in your environment, which hinders your development, it prevents you to realize any dreams, holding you back. Remember that time is the most precious thing in our lives. Such a dream can also portend a trap, in which you can be, or already were, but still do not understand. Be careful, analyze your life, think, are you sure you are on the right path.

2. You are trapped in bad weather

If you see yourself in the rain, shower, snow, caught in a powerful hurricane or other weather anomaly, don’t worry: it’s not a bad dream. On the contrary, your subconscious is trying to tell you that somewhere close by is your other half. You need not to miss your chance not to miss it. In this case, the storm symbolizes poor visibility, so to speak, your senses dulled, and you don’t notice many things around. Let me explain: this does not mean that you need to throw in all the grave or to run around town in search of “the same”. Look inside yourself, listen to yourself, understand what you need and take a look around, open yourself to the world.

3. You find yourself naked in a public place

If you dream you see yourself naked, and the other in clothing, then soon you will lose a loved one. Not in the physical sense, talking about the fact that he (or she) will disappear from your life. Perhaps you subconsciously want to leave or intuitively feel that the man began to move away from you. It is not necessarily about a lover or permanent partner, this could be your patron, or close friend, or the person you helped. It was a bad dream. It happens that we often dedicate many years to one man and he throws us, when no longer need help. This is a warning dream that you will have problems. Treat it carefully.

4. You give or wear the ring

It would seem, a direct allusion to the wedding, but not so simple. According to the Eastern legend, when a man wearing a ring, so it appears the owner. The ring symbolizes the dependence, restriction of freedom, limited options. As a spoon of honey can say that the ring still symbolizes wealth, especially if the ring is made of gold or gemstone. But the primary value of the ring — the power of the owner over who he puts on the ring.

5. You lose something important

This is a serious call. If you are married, it is possible that in the family we have a serious disorder. If you worried about problems at work is likely coming conflict with colleagues and management. Or are you on the verge of a big fight with her best friend or mother. Anyway, the loss of important things — a sign of imminent conflict. By the way, if you lose the ring (especially a wedding), to the divorce that has no relation. Perhaps you will soon be free from any relationship or person, which prevents you to be happy. Such a dream — a precursor of freedom.

6. You give a bouquet of flowers

If you get to know a person, who gives, then he is crazy in love with you. If you do not see who gives, then you don’t know him yet, but soon he finds himself. Your subconscious mind has caught the vibes of love, and your mind — yet. Look at the immediate surroundings: most likely, your admirer very close.

7. Do you see yourself in a white dress

It’s a beautiful dream. It means that soon you will have to wait for an important meeting. It does not necessarily end with marriage, but positive changes in life just happen. Even if you see in white not himself, but another person! By the way, is that after the dream wedding dress you need to memorize it and get married in the most similar, then the marriage will be long and happy.”


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