What is dangerous in bed with tablets, phones and other gadgets

January 30, 2017

Mobile communications has taken a strong place in our lives. We sometimes until mid-night sit in social networks, viewed emails, respond to comments, etc. and the phone is on the nightstand next to the bed, and often under the pillow. Whether it is safe and than it can threaten? Let’s face it.

Not many of us can boast that they rest well and sleep allotted number of hours. All the recent studies say that people in General began to fall asleep later and less sleep. This is especially true of adolescents who spend at screens of smartphones and tablets more and more time.
In the end, according to various studies not getting enough sleep from 50-90 % of adolescents. Unfortunately, this inevitably affects our memory, nervous system and the organism as a whole.

light Blue screen does not sleep

All devices, from smartphone to tablet to emit an artificial cool light, which can be perceived by the sight, as day. The sources of such light to Wake us up in the middle of the night or make sleep surface. It can shoot down biorhythms, and it is proved that the failure of the biological clock can result in various disorders. From fatigue and weakened immunity, to the point of depression, diabetes, and heart problems.

The effect of the light from the screens of smartphones can provoke the development of insomnia, which ultimately leads to dependence on sleeping pills and deterioration in the quality of sleep. The screen light stimulates the production of cortisol and suppresses the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for the quality of healthy sleep, which eventually leads to poor functioning of the brain and the constant stress state.

because of the Awkward posture stiff neck and shoulders

Habit not to break away from the screen, uncomfortable head and body during the viewing of social networks or mobile games, leads to pain in muscles and joints. In the end, you constantly suffer from a stiff neck, pain in shoulders and hands. Spoils your posture, and as a result, sagging cheeks, wrinkles and jowls. Have plastic surgeons there was even a special term, called this type of aging – “computer face”

Gadgets in beds affect memory and learning

Smartphones and tablets in children and adolescents during night time we need to get to sleep, affect the emotional state, the ability to learn and perceive new information. Dependence is bad for the relationship between children and parents. Constantly there are conflicts and quarrels, which result in alienation of adolescents.

In principle, we should not do anything that requires active brain work, if you’re going to sleep. Therefore, do not take it to bed smartphones, laptops and any other electronic devices.

Anna Zalesskaya

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