What if the hair fall out? 6 tips that actually work

August 28, 2016

Your comb has become more like a dog slicer, although you comb your hair as gently? In the morning on the pillow is more hair? Why hair falls out and what to do?

Doctors trichologists believe that a person is normal to lose some hair every day, but only if their number does not exceed 100 hairs.

Reasons for hair fall out

Infectious diseases

Suffered from influenza or scarlet fever? A sharp rise in body temperature that accompanies infectious diseases, can trigger hair loss. But really do not worry, in a few months this process will stop.


Why hair fall out? Nerves, the hair may start to fall out. Neurosis, depression and your body produces less of the hormone prolactin, which helps to deal with stress. Signs of neurosis


Remember that during pregnancy hair became noticeably smaller? The same situation could be repeated during menopause. Here, as causes of hair loss include diabetes and disorders in the endocrine system.

Tight hair clips and elastics

They have a wild pressure on the hairs that are thinning and ground. And false hair – all horrible for your hair!

What to do if hair is falling out?

A balanced diet

First of all, pay attention to your diet. Yes, on the food and not on the shelf with gels and varnishes. For hair growth you need to eat protein foods rich in protein. It would be good to take a multivitamin Supplement, among which there are special complexes for hair growth.

Head massage

Each wash hair with soft fingers massage the scalp. This will improve blood supply to the hair follicles. Before bed 5-10 minutes raschesyvaemost soft brush.

Hair masks

It is best in this case help oil mask. Hot olive oil, sea buckthorn, castor, coconut, Flaxseed oil, apply on hair and hold for some time. This method prevents the appearance of dandruff and dryness of the scalp.

Wash your hair

Don’t let the hair zaselyatsya. Greasy hair leave your head much more readily. Use gentle hair products.

Let alone a Hairdryer

And Curling hair straighteners, hair irons and other appliances. Give your hair a break! And Yes, do not brush wet head. It is stressful for the hair.

Forget about gels

The gels, mousses, sprays for styling in this case will not bring benefits. Balms should be used only in the case that it is difficult to comb hair. The rest – again, let them relax. And to see a doctor trichologist.

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