Well without children? The stars, who call themselves childfree

August 10, 2016

Many of us can not imagine a family and without children. But these celebrities think that life without heirs – good, full of events and freedom. Who are they star childfree?

Oprah Winfrey

The famous Oprah not the least bit embarrassed to say that does not want to have children. When the future broadcaster was quite a young girl, she got pregnant but the baby died immediately after birth. Since then, she decided no children and relationships with men who want them. She lives for the job.

Rene Zelwegger

According to the actress, motherhood is not what she wants. Children are presented Renee young tyrants who completely dominate the lives of their parents. She even agrees to sit with nieces, children of brother, but to have flatly refuses.

Jacqueline Bisset

The star of the movie “wild Orchid” have never regretted about the missing heirs. Jacqueline is the godmother of Angelina Jolie and she was enough of this role. In General Bisset’s always saying that he lived exactly the life he wanted.

Mylene Farmer

“I have lovely daughter” – so says the French singer, when she asked if she’s going to have children. Mylene Farmer prefers to take care of themselves and not about the children, believing that motherhood was not her goal in life.

Cameron Diaz

Your success in life and on screen, Diaz explains precisely the lack of children. The actress believes that women are afraid to speak directly about the reluctance of motherhood just because I’m afraid of the condemnation of the public. And she’s not afraid!

Jessica Biel

Girlfriend Justin Timberlake refuses to give birth, because these are all the trouble with children is not for her, and her lack of worries and with her dog. At that time, as her friends, burdened with otpryskam, I do not see white light, Bill spends time shopping and entertainment.

Christopher Walken

“My wife has enough trouble with me,” says the actor and adds that it is too selfish to share your life with children.

Haruki Murakami

Murakami all his works, and despite its age, still thinking, when I grow up. Children him, apparently unable to stop it.

Leo Tolstoy

Strange to see in the list of childfree Leo Tolstoy had 13 children, isn’t it? However, judging by the ratio in the offspring, the writer liked the process, not the result.
In Petersburg children did not prevent to live to the fathers. The children were brought up in institutions, and it was not that propagating in Moscow wild idea that children all the luxuries of life, and single parents work and care. Here knew that man must live for yourself, how to live an educated man” wrote Tolstoy. So, would be the means of protection, then common, as it is now, by far the writer would use them, we think.

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