Wedding traditions that cause confusion

July 1, 2016

“I have 12 times caught the bride’s bouquet and still not married!” American journalist and writer looked at wedding traditions with skepticism.

Wedding traditions and customs

Listen, have you ever wondered “what is all this?”. I asked. I’m happy “eternal bridesmaid” and I’ve seen these weddings so much that they began to me to cause confusion. Why?

Why the bride is in white?

White is not for everyone. Why the best day of her life, a woman can not dress in the dress she’s going to face? Ah, the symbol of innocence. Well, look, we live in a time when virginity before marriage remain one. And Yes, that’s the same guy in a Tux, the groom, he is the first and know that the white bride is not required.

And you thought they were six months before the wedding at night to play chess?

Why the bride veil?

What’s the big deal to hide a happy face all day? Ah, the groom should not see her before the wedding. Mu-ha-ha. Chess in the dark, yeah.

All weddings are the same

Not only do I perform a bridesmaid for her friends. I two years was a professional wedding planner and sometimes worked as a bridesmaid for hire. Last year I was on 40 weddings.

They. All. Same.

They still throw rice on happiness

And then young quietly trying to shake it because of the collar. It’s so cute. Every time.

They all give a diamond ring

Guys, this tradition was invented in the 1940-ies of the De Beers company, which makes these diamonds.

They collect a lot of guests

Which not only do not know each other, but even the young often see the first and last time in my life. Honestly, your photos on Instagram gain more and more visitors and it is much cheaper

All the bridesmaids should be dressed alike

I two years was equally dressed with three to five companions in misfortune. Does anyone seriously believe that in this day you will not see the bride on background of her friends if they dressed differently?

They all throw bouquets

Why this wedding tradition? I caught the bouquet as many as 12 times and is still not married.

They all go to some attractions

You know, it’s a tradition to venerate the bones of their ancestors. As a result, the bride frozen in its white dress in the wind to the bone. And the only thing she can think is, sorry: “Where to pee?”.

About wedding ceremonies

My dear.

Wedding is the most personal that you have. It is your and only your day and spend it as the same and sadly, as required wedding rituals and traditions — it is a crime against yourself. Screw the rules, white dress, guests and Mendelssohn.

This is the beginning of your family. Start it for yourself, not “for the people”.

Jen, Glantz for ELITE DAILY

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