Wedding Kissing Bell Favors

May 10, 2017

There are certain traditions that are hard to leave behind when you are planning your wedding reception, even if you are one of those kinds of people that really want to break away from traditional wedding values and practices. The tradition of wedding bells is one of those fantastic traditions that it’s hard to get rid of because it is just so cute and so much a part of what makes a wedding celebration the perfect culmination of symbols of love. If you put these bells out on each and every table, you will not only be supporting a long standing tradition but also enhancing your décor and wedding theme based on what style of bell you choose to use. Your guests will really enjoy ringing these bells to get your attention and then seeing the fruits of your love with your kisses that are summoned by the ringing bells all around the room. Wedding kissing bells will be a great hit because when the party is all over your guests can bring them home and remember your fantastic party and everything that went on there. Each of your guests will have in their own home a symbol of your love and the eternal bond that you have entered into with your new spouse. By shopping online you can find a wide variety of themed and stylized wedding bells to suit your personal tastes. Below are a few examples of what you can find from the comfort of your own home computer.

Gold Toned Favor Bells:

Gold is the classic color of elegance, affluence, and sophistication. So adding these bells to your tables will really make all of your décor appear even more eye popping to your guests. These bells will capture the attention of your guests and they will commend your decorating prowess. Each bell comes with a scroll tied with a ribbon to the bell explaining to your guests what it is for and why it is a special tradition to so many people.

Heart Handled Silver Bell:

The shining silver of these bells will capture the light and make it dance around the entire room, making the noise of all the guests ringing bells especially enchanting. The heart amplifies the feeling of love and romance and provides a classic symbol of the bond between lovers. The heart handled can be inscribed with an initial to make it even more personal and fitted for your wedding.

Traditional Kissing Bell:

Tradition says that a kiss is required for each ringing of the Silver Kissing Bell.

Your guests may enjoy these Silver Kissing Bell favors so much that the reception will go on for hours, as the bride and groom share kiss after kiss. Place the bells at each place setting as part of the reception decorations. The bells are individually packaged for presentation as a wedding favor and are great reminder for the wedding guests at the fun and festivities of your wedding reception.

The bells are approximately 4 inches tall and are great idea for ringing off the newlywed couple as they make their grand escape.

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