“We saw such!”. The most incredible observations of nannies with families in which they worked

December 29, 2016

They see things, and many are silent. But there are things that surprise so that they can not talk. At least anonymously.

Social network Reddit have gathered anonymous stories babysitters about the lives of incredibly wealthy families in which they worked. Some of the stories boggle the imagination.

“Head of the family in which I worked for 5 years lived in two houses. In another family he grew up the daughter he hid from all. Money it just littered: was able to buy a rocking chair for $ 500, and if the color was the wrong shade – just throw it in the trash”.

The other nurse worked in the family Asian millionaire who had seven children.

“Only the first child (girl) was born by his wife. The remaining six were carried by a surrogate mother. The man left only boys.”

Some children are raised in a literal sense among nurses.

“Their daughter was born in early October, and by the end of the month, the nanny’s been with her already more than 80 hours a week. During this time the husband was home only one day and the wife going off every day at 6 a.m. and returns at 9 PM”

“Sometimes I come to work and both parents at the time just relaxing at home. They pay well, I’m not complaining, but I have a feeling that they had children, just because it’s so accepted, not because they wanted to do.”

In some families children do not rejoice in the gifts and new experiences.

“The most striking thing that I saw that the children whom it is not pleasing gifts/gadgets/pocket money, because they get them DAILY. For them it is normal and predictable. Than hard-to reward them for good behavior.”

“At Christmas they tired to unpack the gifts. Some of them remain unopened for a month after the holiday.”

Another family spent on the nanny $ 1000 a week. Mother never left the house with the kids without her support.

“While in College, I worked as a nanny in a very wealthy family with two children. Every morning I had to Wake up early to collect and take them to school and then pick them out. Mother never did”.

Another nanny was shocked by the number of designer clothing at quite a young girl.

“Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines… Yes, girls want to dress up, but they grow up so fast! My three year-old mentee for one year grows out of her wardrobe, and she replaced it on the same expensive things.”

It is hoped that in addition to the expensive clothes and the toys these children receive parental love.

Source: dailymail.co.uk Anna Stachura

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