Vladimir Vdovichenkov showed the grown daughter

August 30, 2016

After parting ways with the former civil wife, Olga Filippova, the actor maintains a good relationship with his daughter. Recently, the artist has pleased fans with a touching family photo with a grown heir.

Mother Veronica, an actress Olga Filippova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov parted two years ago, in the summer of 2014. Now the actor is married to actress Elena Lyadova, Roman which began with a joint filming of the movie “Leviathan”. Despite this, relations between father and daughter remains the same: they also love to spend time together.

“Daughter-in-birches”, – wrote under a photo with the daughter of Vladimir, which caused a wave of admiration of fans expressing their delight that he was able to maintain relations with a girl after breaking up with his wife. Note, 11-year-old Veronica has a private page on Instagram, but she does not publish photos with parents, preferring self, frame with your favorite cat and dog, and his drawings.

Her mother, Olga, also harbors no hard feelings for ex-lover. “You can’t call any one moment, and even third party. It originated already in the prepared soil… Some cooling began in the last two years. Volodya and really did not learn to respect each other, compromise… And when finally there was stability… themselves in it, drowned!” — shared Filippov in an interview with 7Days.

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