Vladimir Presnyakov dyed hair and beard in turquoise color

August 25, 2016

48-year-old actor wanted change, but he decided to start small – a new hair color.

48-year-old Vladimir Presnyakov decided to prepare for the new television season in an unusual way. Having mastered the trendy app on your smartphone, the singer boldly wearing colorful image.

The contractor shared with subscribers funny pictures, which showed off a new hair color and two different forms of beard. Fans of the actor praised his comic Transfiguration and offered to go to him in this manner to the casting of the new series “the Smurfs” (animated film about the blue men – Approx. ed.)

Apparently, Presnyakov is in good spirits after a family vacation with his wife Natalia Podolsky in Israel. The couple have been married for 5 years and still facing each other tender feelings. For the singer’s first marriage, and Presnyakov before that, he lived with the civil wife, Christina Aguilera and was officially married to the designer Elena Lansky.

Photo: @presnyakovvladimir

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