July 1, 2016

Who has not eaten such delicious, delicate and refined dessert Viennese waffles. They are fundamentally different from regular waffles, in texture, shape, taste. To please my family such a treat, not necessarily to buy them. Easy Viennese waffles can be prepared at home. Moreover, the cost of the dessert is so low that you can do regularly and create a wonderful tradition to start the weekend with a Viennese waffles for Breakfast.

You need to prepare?

First, you should prepare the right ingredients in the right proportions. So, Viennese waffles, the recipe of which is very simple, includes:
• 250 grams of flour;
• 250 ml cow’s milk;
• 125 grams of butter;
• 75 grams of sugar;
• 3 eggs;
• 125 ml of mineral water;
• a pinch of salt, a sachet of vanilla sugar and ¼ teaspoon of baking powder.
No special components are not present. Usually all these products have in the house every housewife.

The cooking process

First, you should separate the whites from the yolks. Whites need to beat. After that, these components can be set aside. Squirrels are best kept in the fridge. You can do an oil mixture.

It consists of oil, egg yolks, salt, vanilla and sugar. The algorithm is simple. You need all these products to whisk until to dissolve sugar.
The flour must be sifted and mixed with baking powder, there goes the milk and oil mixture. Then, add the mineral water and beaten egg whites. All this mass should be well mixed. The basis for the waffles are ready.

Baking and presentation

For this dish, use the waffle iron. It is filled with a portion of the mass. Fry to a Golden crisp. If you need to cook Viennese waffles with a soft, recipe is ideal. Serve this dish with a fruity sauce, grated chocolate or a scoop of ice cream. In addition, you can make a savoury filling. Perfectly with chicken, Basil, arugula, pork, salmon.
Viennese waffles have a special charm. At any time of the year with any drink they will satisfy your hunger and desire to eat something tasty. And if you cook them at home, they will be even tastier and more tender.

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