October 31, 2016

Hearty, but at the same time, light and vitamin-rich salad suitable for lunch and dinner very easy and quick to prepare, therefore, suitable not only for vegetarians but also for people with limited free time. This snack is also very useful, due to its composition.

To prepare a unique salad you will need the following products:

  • avocado-1 PC.

It’s fun! Avocado, if you know how to select it is very valuable for its benefits of the fruit. There are two ways how to check the ripeness thereof. First – knock pits of the fruit when shaking, this avocado shake close to your ear, a distinctive sound will make it clear that the fruit is ready to eat. And the second method is the pushing. If a light pressing the fruit is slightly bend, but smoothed out quickly enough, it means that the fruit is Mature.

For cooking need:

  • 150gramm green salad,
  • three hundred grams of strawberries,4
  • 0-50 grams cashews or pine nuts.

Salad dressing will be a very interesting sauce, taken from old notebooks, where many informed mothers and grandmothers carefully recorded recipes.

You will need the following ingredients: a tablespoon of sugar or powdered sugar (no slides), three dessert spoons of olive oil (or two tablespoons), honey, two teaspoons, a teaspoon of lemon juice and Apple cider vinegar (one tablespoon).

It’s fun! For salads it is best choice chestnut honey, which is acceptable to substitute on varieties, where the chestnut is combined with lime or acacia. As all other varieties are more prone to crystallization (although it is fixable: you can warm the honey before cooking).

To begin to prepare the filling (because it requires a little brew). To do this, mix sugar (powdered sugar), olive oil, honey, vinegar and lemon juice, then whisk the mixture with a whisk or blender.

Avocado cut in half and remove the stones, clearing the skin. Cashews (pine) nuts fry in dry hot pan. Slice the avocado slices, the strawberries washed and cut into slices. Then rinse under running water lettuce, to dig with his hands. The resulting ingredients are mixed, then fill up, the previously prepared sauce and sprinkle with ground black pepper. Eat a salad should immediately after cooking.

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