Vasily Livanov. The genius, the bully, the brawler and star

February 4, 2017

The best Holmes the world of cinema, one of the most charismatic actors of the USSR, film Director, screenwriter and writer. His voice spoke Karlsson and crocodile Gena, it lies at the basis of the famous Soviet cartoon “the Bremen town musicians”… But how difficult this genius was in the life who knows little.

Weil, TASS, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Vasily Borisovich was born in the family of Mat famous actor Boris Livanov, which in turn is also the son of a famous artist – Nikolai Livanov, known under the pseudonym Izvolsky.

The house was always full of guests, the boy grew up surrounded by real Bohemians – writers, artists, Directors, actors was well received in terms of Levanovich. The child from an early age enjoyed the spirited debates of the masters on the art and absorb the atmosphere of freedom and creativity.

Little Bob, as all the children were sent to bed if the guests stayed late, but in one case made an exception – when Pasternak came up and began to read his poems. Basil was not allowed to go to school after the visit of the poet, and he was happy to tell the Maitre forgotten the line – knew it all by heart.

At school the boy that house a little that was banned was the first guy. But to punish and for a long time to be angry with talented student teachers could not: he was not only a charming child, but a straight-a student!

At different ages Vasily Borisovich dreamed about various professions. Including seriously thought about becoming a doctor, trainer or traveler. But when the time came to go to College, chose the “Surikovka” and “Pike”. At the last moment the young man leaned toward the theatrical.


Bracelet 2 (1967)

All the years of training the student Livanov was in good standing with the teachers, though, and still loved to fool around. However, he burned the profession, went into the creative process that sometimes I forget to eat and sleep. But in his graduation play – “Three fat men” Vasily Borisovich made in the status of the Director also received a glowing reference.

After high school he was invited to the Vakhtangov theatre. A year of hard work on the stage made it visible to Directors. Michael Kalatozov called Livanov in the title role in “Unsent letter.”

The unique idea of the Director is to perform voiceovers in “natural” conditions – in the same place where it was shot, not in the Studio, almost led to tragedy. Livanov with other members of the team came out in the Blizzard cold and trying to shout over the howls of the weather, lost my voice.

The cast right from the site was sent to the hospital, the idea Kalatozov was never completed, and Vasily Borisovich had to be treated several weeks before doctors allowed him to speak. The voice returned, but nadleznosti distinctive, recognizable “kholmovskaya” the keys remained with the artist forever.


In the early 60s after throwing, and long conversations with the filmmakers, Lebanon decides to quit theatre because he sees his career as an actor.

Indeed, proposals from the talented and characteristic of Vasily Borisovich rife. But favorite work it will continue to call the movie “the Blind musician”, because that’s where he is for once in my life had the opportunity to work together with his dad.

In the mid-60s actor and graduated from the higher courses for Directors – the area where his long-drawn. And this time chooses not film and animation. In this genre he will do some amazing work, which is known and loved by many generations of fans of animation.

For example, the thesis Livanov was the cartoon “the Most, most, most”, and one of the bright – work on the musical cartoon “the Bremen town musicians”. For Soviet cartoon Vasily Borisovich rewrote the brothers Grimm fairy tale, adding characters. It turned out an organic and charming story.

But glorified and left the name of the actor in the centuries of his work in detective movies based on the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson”. Livanov was able to not only recreate the image described by the detective, but also to give the character a little extravagant, subtle English humor. In the end it was the Soviet adaptation of even the British recognized the best in the world!


The master and Margarita (2005)

Brilliant actor giving a lot of time and effort, succeed in your personal life. His first love, Alina Engelhardt, he knew from childhood. Their parents lived close by and had good friendships, and later even built villas in the neighborhood – at Nikolina Gora.

Alina was friends with the sister of Basil the entire life until the day she died. No wonder that the passionate young man fell in love with a pretty Professor’s daughter, who often visit in their home. Livanov did not stop the fact that Alina already had a son from his first marriage.

After the wedding, the young have settled in his wife’s family, in the house where he has lived thirteen of her relatives. But ex-wife says that talented, flamboyant and charismatic Basil in his youth, had a penchant for noisy revels, which came in pretty drunk and became aggressive.

The first bad mood of Vasily Borisovich got Alina. Grown up the son rose to her defense and then the anger of the drunk stepfather attacked him. As a result, the woman was forced to give the child to the new family his father. With Livanov they soon was born a daughter of Nastenka.

However, this marriage did not last long. Having your own apartment, the young began to quarrel even more often, until we came to the decision to end the marriage. Vasily Borisovich terribly worried because of the divorce. When the man was packing, and his former wife called from work, screaming into the phone that she died. Appeared to work in the morning Alina surprised colleagues with his resurrection.


27.01.2017 Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Livanov has already been animated, when met at the “Soyuzmultfilm” charming the artist Elena. “Will you be my wife and bear two sons,” immediately announced her actor. His words proved prophetic.

They lived together for more than forty years, and when their life together was 25 years old, Livanov suggested darling to marry, and to God. On the day of the Silver wedding the couple were married.

His older son, they called him Boris in honour of the Livanov-senior. Otherwise, Vasily Borisovich could not do, because the Pope even before his death was signed by his grandson booklet: Boris from Boris, 1973. Boris died in 1972, and the son of Basil and Elena was only born in 1974. They found the record in the booklet the parent will, and, of course, fulfilled his wish.

Unfortunately, the life of the eldest son of the master did not work. Becoming an artist, he is addicted to alcohol, and then went to prison for murder.

The younger son Nikolai Livanov continued acting dynasty Levanovich.

In recent years the actor has retired from work and dedicated himself to the family.

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  • Kollegi (1962)

  • Blind musician (1960)

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