Vacation with children: tips for a safe trip

August 17, 2016

Vacation with children – a great opportunity to spend time together. For a child just beginning to learn about the world, each travel – the real event, filled with discoveries and adventure. First plane ride, first encounter with the sea, first trip abroad – all this will give little explorers an unforgettable experience and will definitely be remembered for a long time. And to make the trip pleasant and safe for the whole family will help simple tips.

A family place: where to go

The main thing to look for when choosing destinations for travel is the age of the child. Most small children would suit a quiet holiday in nature or on the beach. Only preference should be given to the least extreme options and avoid sudden change of temperature that the baby was easier to acclimate.

So, it is better to stay on the beaches of the Mediterranean: Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia. The upcoming autumn season – the perfect time for such a holiday, because the sun is not so hot and the sea is still warm and affectionate. With older children you can go to travel with more rich program, including excursions, Dolphinarium and water parks, Biking and other activities.

To determine the exact direction by using the service “Where to go?” international travel metasearch momondo. It allows you to choose routes specifically for travel with children, adding the filter “Family”, and get specific ideas for vacation in accordance with other individual criteria: budget, popular, season, continent, interests and mood. Option provides information about the cost of tickets in each direction, with photos and descriptions, and practical information about prices for hotels, food, taxis, shopping and transport.

Hotel vs apartment: what to consider

For those travelling with young children, we can recommend to rent an apartment with a kitchen. So mom can always cook the usual kid’s meals. If the child is eating “adult food”, it is possible to stay in a hotel. Only necessary to choose the peaceful option for a family holiday where there are no noisy youth parties.

It is also better to look for places with playgrounds, entertainment and various sections to provide fun activities for children. Another important point that you need to pay attention when looking for hotels, is a protected area and the area around the hotel. With the kids preferred to travel in a comfortable place, no big roads nearby.

Without any things not to do

The first thing you should care is documents. Just in case, better to make copies of all important papers to carry them around and show if necessary – for example, when renting a car. But the original documents can be put in the hotel safe, not to lose.

If you are traveling to Russia, don’t forget to take the policy of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) – so you can get free help to any city. When choosing an insurance company for foreign travel is to focus not on price, but on reputation. To make sure the company is reliable and reimburses essential medical costs can be found and check reviews on the Internet. It is also possible to specify in advance a list of clinics that work with the selected firm.

Useful and medical conditions. Its composition may vary depending on the individual needs of the child, but it is useful to always take an electronic thermometer, fever, remedies for the treatment of minor wounds, medications for allergies and stomach problems, as well as something from sunburn, if you go to sea.

Easy way

The flight can make real adventure for the young tourist. Should be prepared in advance and tell the child about the plane: it’s humming during takeoff and landing, at what altitude and what speed it flies. You can also describe a future journey that the kid was waiting for him impatiently.

Already on Board to avoid the discomfort that young children can feel because of the pressure differential during takeoff and landing, babies are recommended to give breast or bottle with the mixture. The child will swallow, causing the pressurized, your ears will be hurting. However, some parents take for the child in the plane, a pacifier with a hole smaller than usual diameter, to pull had a bit more, so the pressure is equalized more effectively. To brighten up these moments for older children, you can give them candy or juice with a straw, and should drink small SIPS. You also need to take care of clothes for the flight: often on Board much working air conditioning, so it is better to take something warm for the baby.

The train trip takes longer, so not recommended for long journeys the family with a small child. Going on a long journey by train need to think carefully about nutrition and hygiene. To go for walks during stopovers. It is important to stick together with the kids and not leave them alone in the compartment.

Independent travel in a car with children also requires significant preparation. Requested to study the map, choose suitable restaurants and places to stay, and will take care of sanitary stops. When traveling with toddlers be sure to use the seat, and with children a little older – belt. And that trip was the children’s joy, we need to consider what to fill them, besides sleeping or observing the scenery from the Windows. Moreover, the trip allows you to stay at interesting corners to explore.

Acclimatization without problems

So the children were easier to adapt to the unusual climate, it is enough to observe a few simple rules. Best to keep a regular routine of the day: to sleep, to play and walk at the same time as the house. At sea the first time you have to be careful with the sun and swim. To sunbathe before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m., and gradually increase the time spent in the water, starting with 5-7 minutes. You also need to remember about the hats for you and the little traveler. Necessary and sunscreen for the child should take special children’s version – with a higher level of protection.

Always stay together

When walking with children in public places need to hold their hands. It is desirable that the child was dressed in bright colors, to make it easier to follow him in the crowd. With adolescents and older children it is better to agree in advance on a meeting place and actions in different emergency situations. Then they and you will feel confident and calm.

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