September 22, 2016

The juice of parsley – a food product which is derived from a small perennial genus of plants of the family Umbelliferae. Parsley is often used in cooking as a spice. The beneficial properties of the juice of the plant has been known for a long time. The Egyptians believed that the juice of the divine and has healing properties, which were endowed with by the God of the Mountains. In myths, when he fought in the battle of the father, poured a lot of blood, and in this place sprouted parsley, healing the sick. Plant Egyptians considered Holy, and its juice, at least, very useful. In the future, about the miracle of parsley was known to other countries.

The beneficial properties of the juice of “parsley”
Today the plant is considered sacred, but its useful properties it is not lost. Used mostly in folk healing. Take both internally and in cosmetics.
100 ml. of juice drops 47 kcal.
Rival many fruits and vegetables, parsley can become rich in a vitamin and chemical content. Juice contains nutrients that are antioxidants of biological origin. They play an important role for the human body, as they have a protective function from cancers.
For people who have diseases of vessels, it is recommended to take the juice. It will help make blood vessels more elastic and strong.
It also has diuretic property that it not only removes excess amount of liquid from the human, but also prevents the formation of inflammatory processes in the kidneys, gall and bladder. Promotes dissolution of stones in the genitourinary system.
When indigestion, parsley juice strongly recommend to use. This product is well stimulates the body to appetite and the formation of gastric juice. When applying reduces blood sugar, which is good for people who have the disease of diabetes. To use worth every day, then it is possible to lower the indications of illness, and soon did the proportion of insulin.
Women who suffer pain and menstrual cycle disruptions, to recover it is useful to take the juice of parsley daily, adding beet juice.
At home effective juice get rid of wrinkles. He also brings back the natural complexion, helps tighten pores, get rid of acne. Just need to wipe the face with a cotton swab soaked in the juice.
Everyone is different, for this before using this product, you need to make sure there are no allergies. Trying first time to be careful.
Not recommended during pregnancy.

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