Two the romantic story of Elvira Bolgova

January 27, 2017

The image is deep and strong women gave her soap operas, which glorified actress. Amazing sparkling blue eyes and the natural fragility of the actress will not be misled by Directors. Many see it as a real heroine, not a butterfly-ephemera.

Elvira was born in Moscow, in the most ordinary family people who are far from art. The girl’s father was an agronomist, my mother worked in the hospital. However, Ale from early childhood was attracted to everything beautiful and graceful. For example, she wanted to go to Venice carnival. By the way, Elvira recently fulfilled his dream.

Imagination to get into the world of art did not leave persistent young lady ever. However, at first, the girl chose not Amateur, and gymnastics – a sport designed to make the body flexible and obedient, and the girl accustomed to consistency and routine.

In sport she was doing, but the school subjects the girl didn’t like. Today, when the eldest daughter of Elvira became a high school student, the actress compares the old school system with the one which hit her aid and said that now teachers are more sensitive to the children, trying to arouse interest in learning of each student.

The actress says that her childhood was lucky enough to meet a good mentor who awakened her interest in school science. She admits that she missed a lot of interesting and wants their daughters to be attentive to life.

However, the eldest is already 12 years old was asked to stop checking homework. Elvira listened to the arguments and realized that a girl wants a little more freedom. First Glafira a little “off” in school, but then independently gained altitude. Now mom says proudly, good grades daughter – merit itself Glasha and her perseverance!


Retro Threesome (1998)

However, the very good Bolgova did not want to learn. Athula prom, she suddenly announced that I was going to go to the theater. No training like drama schools and experienced mentors. Elvira came in the “Sliver” of the total flow and the first time has passed the competition and passed the exams.

Talented girl with a charming appearance are loved by both the teachers and students. One of them is a student of directing Department Elena Malikova invited Elvira to your short graduation project – the film “the Abyss”, when the actress was studying in the fourth year.

This role, as expected, did not bring Balgooy much success, but gave the experience a movie. Two years later chartered the actress will get the main role in the melodrama “Tests for real men”. In the same year in the movie “a Retro three together” could work on the set with the masters – Elena Yakovleva and Sergey Makovetsky.


Welcome (2003)

In a first for the future stars of the movies she made her debut in the erotic scenes. Now remembers it with bitterness. “At first I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it”, – says the actress. Only then the experience came to regret.

The Directors, who promised that in the shot an innocent angles, showed the result is not what was agreed Bolgova. But the actress has learned. Now such episodes agrees, “on the shores” and legally. If the creative task allows nudity, always working understudy.

Talented actress immediately after high school noticed not only filmmakers, but also theatrical. The graduate did offer two of the theatre “Satyricon” and the little theatre. She left in the first. However, only working there a year later she was invited to the theater Mossovet. Which she also had to part due to the tight schedule of filming.

One of the most risky projects for Elvira Bolgova was the film “the Island of unwanted people”. The fact that the actress, after filming in a cave with bats, caught dengue fever. Due to the serious condition Balgooy shooting had to be suspended. Fortunately, the acute symptoms have passed quickly, but as soon as Elvira with the same disease her bed still half of the crew.


Pechorin. A hero of our time (2006)

She admits that she has done “mistakes of youth” with first husband, Cyril. Then the actress was a maximalist in a relationship, didn’t want to concede on many issues. Even the name of the daughter they shared had a long argument.

The name Glafira came up with Cyril, one look at the baby. Elvira protested, but the man explained: this is an ancient name, very deep, like the glow that comes from baby. In Greek Glafira means “graceful”. The story of a husband was so lyrical that Elvira agreed.

However, the relationship soon anyway upset. The couple divorced. However, the strife did not last long. Balgooy managed to maintain friendly relations with the former spouse and his mother. She is now helping a new family actress and loves his granddaughter.

Second husband, the famous Director of commercials Anton appeared when Glasha was nine. First, the new mom’s friend liked the girl, but when she realized that his mother very seriously protested.


The cure against fear (2013)

Elvira had to turn all his female wisdom in order to re-find the path to her little daughter. Together with Anton, they began to organize family evenings to cook together, watch and discuss the movie.

The actress says that faced with children’s jealousy, and misunderstanding. To overcome this, you use the affection, attention and endless persuasion. The only way a child finally believe that no one is going to deprive his attention.

Second marriage of Elvira second daughter was born, which also gave an unusual name – Radomir. The actress is a supporter of natural childbirth and both of my girls were delivered at home. She believes that the time of birth is very sacred and to shoulder the responsibility on doctors not want. However, if there are any contraindications to such birth, still need to contact the maternity hospital.

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