Top 5 issues that need to be addressed at the beginning of the preparation for the wedding

December 6, 2016

Wedding is one of the most anticipated events in every girl’s life, so many are trying to make this day perfect. To make this work and not have any contingencies, you can trust professional managers and agencies, and can rely on their own abilities.

In any case, there are fundamental questions whose solution cannot wait for the last days. We talked with the head of wedding Agency Wedding People by Elena Shirshova who knows all about weddings of all sizes.


The optimal time of preparation for the wedding – from three months to a year. It all depends on the scale and your own willingness to participate actively in the preparation and to make quick decisions. The definition of the budget should occur at the beginning of the process of organizing wedding events. It is better to make the approximate ratio of the amounts – for lease site, decor, lead, photographer and videographer, artists, own outfits. If you decide to contact the Agency, you should consider that some companies will completely take over all the wedding planning – developing the concept and directing, conceptualizing your images and selection of wedding dresses, the control of all participants of the process both during the preparation and throughout the wedding day, and there are agencies or wedding managers, which are only an intermediary between you and the contractors. We recommend you to contact professionals that take real part and will save you from having round the clock to prepare for the wedding.

The number of guests

This is a very important issue that will determine the format of your wedding venue, and even your own images, because if your wedding is expected 50-60 guests, then we are talking about a small, intimate wedding that may be held in a small restaurant in the city centre, and you will be much more comfortable in this day, in a light elegant dress. When the figure reaches 150-200 invited guests and more, the format shifts to more celebrations in a large Banquet hall or in a tent, require a curvaceous design, a sumptuous dinner, and your outfits are likely to be more pompous, not to get lost among the large-scale decorations and a large number of guests.

The program, directing the evening will also depend on the number of guests, therefore we ask couples to pre-determine the quantity. In our practice there was a case when the couple planned to invite 50 people to the wedding, and we were preparing the room and the scenario of the event according to these reports, but two weeks before the scheduled date, we were informed that about 150 invited guests, therefore we had as soon as possible “to enhance” all aspects of the event.

The wedding venue

Once you have decided on the budget and number of guests, start looking for a wedding venue – halls and restaurants are booked in advance, so you should devote time at the initial stage of training. An important criterion is the time of year: whether your wedding is in summer, autumn or winter, because if you have a need to do away with the ceremony, it narrows the range of choice. Most restaurants, hotels and country clubs is on the Internet, and they are easy to find on their own, but the downside of such a search is that you don’t know all the pitfalls and realities which actually exist is known only to professionals and agencies that had experience on these sites and can properly estimate your cost of one or the other. When contacting the restaurant or hotel, don’t forget to check whether Parking, separate service entrance for performers, dressing rooms, changing room for the bride and a room where you can organize the welcome area and also a Smoking area. As a rule, the management of the restaurant or hotel will calculate the right amount of food and drinks depending on the number of guests and their age. It is worth remembering about everyday rider artists, photographers, videographers – they also need to provide water and food, as they will work in your wedding day, from early morning to late evening.


The days when weddings were associated with the obsessive master of ceremonies and competitions for a long time in the past. Today, the wedding industry offers a wide choice of professional presenters who can tie together the whole scenario, to bring together you and your guests and introduce those who see each other for the first time. For me a good leader is one who will allow everyone present at the wedding feel special and important to you. It would seem that to choose a host with such a wide variety, is quite simple. But not for nothing that we say about this task as one of the key is a popular and seasoned professionals need to bacirubati sometimes for a year or six months before the wedding, their schedule is very busy, and you will definitely need a few meetings to make sure that this is “your” leader. Be sure to check the portfolio of the lead before the meeting, then you will be able to understand how it fits the format of your wedding and your preferences – someone chooses a leading media, some participants of KVN and Comedy Club, and someone – from TV presenters and actors and each have their own style and handwriting.


Not to be disappointed in the wedding photos, you should seriously approach to the search of the photographer – this person will influence the way you and your guests will be captured in such an important day. You should understand whether or not a single wedding photographer, or you need a “reportazhnye” that will accompany fees bride and groom, the ceremony and concert. Usually in the wedding chamber work for one or two photographers, and in the larger projects involve separate professionals for each task. I recommend not to choose based solely on the recommendations of friends and their own feelings.

View the full wedding photography any photographer will appreciate the construction of the frame, colour, naturalness and ease of the people in the photographs. Specify how long it will take for processing and preparing your images. Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the technical side of photography – the real professionals can not only catch unexpected moment and to retouch photographs, but also to advise you on lighting and the appropriate time of filming both indoors and outdoors.

Maria Vasilyeva

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