Together forever. Twenty secrets eternal love

February 1, 2017

Remember the anecdote? “Do you really not believe in eternal love? — What are you… of Course I do. Wait! My phone is ringing. Perhaps it’s Santa Claus about that pot of gold Leprikonsy I have a jar of fairies as payment on the loan for the little unicorn, which I’m not even brought to the house because it got eaten by a dragon.”
And here we truly believe in it. Because we know the secret.

  1. Never underestimate the importance of a simple question about how was his (her) day. Due to the fact that it is a usual question, it is no less necessary. At the end of the day so it is important to feel that a loved one cares what you have zanimalis and what happens to you.

  2. The quarrel happen at all, but they should not lead to the breakup. You can be a crazy person and crazy with anger at him. The fight should not mean an end to the relationship. Couples who stay together, you know that their relationship is stronger than any conflict.

  3. Recognize that relationships entail certain obligations. Maybe you don’t want to do anything waiting for your partner to go with him on his corporate parties, hanging out with his friends etc. But you know he’s happy when you’re around, but it was worth it.

  4. But do not overdo it. Be honest, treat such requests only if it is really important to you. It is not necessary to carry a partner like a puppy dog at every uninteresting him a party.

  5. Little surprises — wood on the fire of a great love. He loves chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone? Grab him a couple when I go to the store: this will show what you think about him even in the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle.

  6. You are not required to have only mutual friends, and your friends are not obliged to be friends with his friends. It’s okay sometimes to be alone with the girls while he hangs with his buddies.

  7. Kiss at every greeting and goodbye is very important, it shows you both that you will meet and miss each other. Even if the husband leaves early for work, but leans in to kiss you, sleeping is a good sign. Or he walks you to your door when you are going for.

  8. Sometimes you need to drop everything and be alone. If you hardly see each other because of work, and then you are invited to visit on your one day off is not a sin and refuse to devote time to each other.

  9. Treat each other’s families as our own. His family nice to know that you consider them your family, and Vice versa. And your partner it will be nice. Call them from time to time. Drop in to visit, even without its second half.

  10. The words “I love you”, no matter how many years you already been together, are not redundant. Those three words never get old.

  11. Caring for the ill is indispensable. Cook him broth, run to the pharmacy — a sacred duty. And if you get sick you are then entitled to expect that he will take care of you.

  12. When one work, the second takes on more of the household chores.

  13. Not wyszukiwanie each other in front of friends. Always think of what information he wished to share with others and which don’t. In the end, he’s your man, not a whipping boy.

  14. Try not to be late. How many quarrels out of nothing could have been avoided if not for the delay. Start to bring the eye for 20 minutes earlier than planned. Think of what you’ll wear, the day before. Oh, and in case of rain too. Collect and bag the night before.

  15. If someone says about your favorite shit, please, stand up. Even if the speaker’s words have truth, you must be the most loyal supporters of each other.

  16. Keep each other aware of your personal plans. Going to go with a friend for coffee after work? Great class. But let him know where you are and what time you plan to return, not because “to report to him should”, but because he is: a) worried and b) will know that you expect him to call if he’ll have plans of his own. This does not mean to ask permission is to be polite to each other, because everyone has the right to rest easy, knowing that the two of you alive and well, and not calling friends and mortuaries.

  17. Always return calls and messages to each other, or at least call.

  18. Try not to argue and not quarrel when together go on vacation. Let the luxury hotel you booked through the Internet were dirty hole. Or the husband forgot to put in a suitcase in your beach Slippers, although you asked for it. Any lining can be turned into a reason to laugh, but then it will be something to remember.

  19. Start a spontaneous evening for two. Take it and go to a cafe. Or just take a walk together along the promenade (Park, street). Best way to unplanned sex. Unexpected pleasant moments make you two feel that you are for each other — not to read the book.

  20. Just love each other. There are comments are not needed.


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