To marry foreigner Russian stars who choose foreign husbands

July 1, 2016

The hearts of these celebrities have conquered the overseas beauties. Could it be a good marriage with a man from another country?

Natalia Andreychenko

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With the American film Director Maximilian Schell, the actress met on the set of the film “Peter the Great”. They had to literally find a common language – Natalia didn’t know English, and Maksimilian – Russian. The language barrier was not a problem, there was love, and soon Natalia went overseas to conquer the film industry. The marriage lasted for more than 15 years, but then the wife returned to Russia.

Irina Alferova

A novel of dazzling beauty students of the theatre Institute and the young Bulgarian businessman Boyko Gurov, who was in Moscow on a long business trip, the wedding did not continue, but its outcome was the birth of our daughter, Xenia. Irina raised a daughter alone first, then with her husband, Alexander Abdulov, biological dad does not help.

Ekaterina Andreeva

TV presenter for almost 20 years happily married to a Serbian businessman Dusan Petrovichem. Once he saw Catherine in the TV show – and fell in love so decided in that whatever was to get acquainted with the Russian beauty. Dusan had a whole week to watch the show to one letter to rewrite the name of the girl that it was so odd, because the Russian language he didn’t know. Friends helped Dusan to find Catherine and get to know her – and soon was walking at the wedding.

Natalia Vodianova

The heart of the famous Russian top model twice conquered by foreigners. Marriage with her first husband, an English Lord Justin porter, lasted ten years, and the couple broke up, retaining friendships. New lover Natalia was Antoine Arnaud, a successful businessman from France, the couple have two children (three from his first marriage Natalia).

Victoria bonia

Victoria Bonia career began on the set of the TV show “House 2”, and then became televerde, and then met with Alex Smerfit, son of the Irish billionaire. Soon, the couple settled in Monaco and has got a daughter, questions about the wedding of Victoria says that a celebration will happen, just can not be defined with date. They say, however, that Alex’s parents are still opposed to Russian bride became the official wife.


The choice of the singer became a businessman from Moldova, Ilan Shor. Shore, who last year was elected mayor of the city Agrees, is suspected of fraud and is under investigation.


Her first husband, a young graduate of the TV project “star Factory” was the Indian businessman RAM Govind. Love story began as the tale of passion, a beautiful wedding, the birth of a son. But then the husband began to be jealous of Sogdiana, to forbid her to work, and then kidnapped the son and hid it in India. a few years after a scandalous divorce Sogdiana tried to negotiate with her ex-husband about joint custody over the baby.

Oksana Grigorieva

Actress, singer and model Oksana Grigorieva met with Mel Gibson in London began bright affair, which lasted nearly three years, a daughter, Anna Lucia. But then the scandal broke: actor beat his Russian girlfriend, she called the police, the court sentenced him to conditional imprisonment and a fine.

Dina Korzun

Dean was already married and raised her son when she met a young Belgian film Director Louis Franck. It all started with friendship and then Louis decided to go to work to Canada to forget Dean and not to spoil her life because her husband and child. Two years later he again came to Russia, to see his beloved – and they never parted (except for the difficult period in 2008 when Dina and Louis seriously thought about divorce). Now the pair most of the time in London, they have three children.

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