To help young archaeologists. Fossils with their hands

July 29, 2016

Kids love dinosaurs and everything connected with them. You and your children can make materials for an archaeological expedition.

You’ll need coffee grounds, flour, and your imagination. Prints fossils can be made from shells, starfish, toy dinosaurs. Even of the skeletons of dad’s roach.


1 Cup ground coffee or weak grounds

½ Cup water

1 Cup flour

½ Cup of salt

Parchment or wax paper

Mixing bowl and objects for fingerprints

Safety pins or pieces of wire, if you want to use DIY as a pendant.


Cook all ground coffee in ½ water and let cool. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Put coffee dough on waxed paper and flatten into a pancake

Glass or cookie cutter cut the workpiece

If you want to use the prints for the suspension or lights, insert them in the side of the safety pin (a spring ring to the outside) or loops of wire. Zarovnaya mass.

Attach toys, shells, starfish skeletons or dad’s roach to the workpiece and greatly press.

Allow to dry over night.

Ready! If you want you can paint them or varnish.
Now these prints can be hung in the nursery or to hide in the garden and make archaeological excavations.


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