Three romantic tales and one true love, Yuri Nikulin

January 26, 2017

A legend of cinema and circus, the most charming and most sincere of the famous Comedy trio, the cheerful Dunce, in life – laugh, helped and loved his job, his cinema and his family.

Parents of Yuri Nikulin, the whole town of Demidov, where the boy was born, know how comic artists. Thus first, the Pope is still engaged in legal work, and the theatre settled down, only after returning from the army where I realized that this is his fate.

The son of artists, grew up in an ordinary Soviet reality: the yard, soccer, fights with the boys… that’s just from Amateur to amuse the kids often brought complaints from teachers. Wrote in his diary: “acted like a clown!”. Mom scolded, but for Yura, it was the best compliment.

All because, in addition to school, the boy went to drama club, which was led by his father. He exerted much effort in order for the son to develop, and finally, memory is a little Nikulin had a hard time doing memorization, and literally for ears pulled out of his talent as a comedian.

After I finished school in 1939, Nikulin was drafted into the army, where the young man was destined to spend not two, but all seven years. First the artillery, then, after a serious lung inflammation, anti-aircraft division. The latter, 1946, Nikulin has already served in creative performances where talented soldier to the command sent after the war.

Convinced their talent, Licenciado Nikulin began to prepare for admission to VGIK – dreamed about the movie. But there and in other theatrical universities heard only one verdict. Say, the talent is certainly there, but that’s only appearance – not for film, not stage.

He did not despair. Another dream is to bring joy to people – was not implemented, and therefore the way the young artist was now lying in the Studio clowning at the Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

Circus, circus, circus

Sincere and kind young man with outstanding comic abilities noticed the Pencil – then already famous clown, to look at which tickets are bought and the Muscovites, and guests. He took of Yuri under his wing and for some time made his assistant.

Later gain experience Nikulin will act separately or in collaboration with another talented clown Mikhail Suygenim.

But, as we know, talented people are often all dreams come true. Nikulin longed to be not only circus, but also a film actor. When Alexander Fajncimmer for a cameo role in “Girl with guitar” needed a bright comedian, someone remembered the talented circus circus on the Colored.

Nikulin gladly agreed. A small role was so seamless that the viewer, and critic, and other Directors considered the artist a real comedic talent. Now he began to frequently call in the movie, and Ryazanov, not just watching the work of a clown, even offered to move out of the circus in the little theatre. But Nikulin was already forty. He believed that career change at this age is somehow unreasonable.


Bootleggers (1961)

First major role Travolta played in “Dog Mongrel and unusual cross”. His wife, a famous artist of the circus Tatiana Nikulina (intercession), recalls that her husband was so happy to play in a movie that got up at five am to catch and shoot, and return in the evening in the circus.

About filming the movie that will bring her husband’s popularity, she tells a story. The fact that, as a former soldier, who spent five years in the war, Yuri about the event or to remember or did not like to talk. And then came back with another day of shooting and said that he remembered the war…

It turned out, during a pyrotechnics explosion overcomplicated with explosive power, and she jerked, that is, as it should. The memory instantly returned Nikulin in front of a terrible time. The actor lost consciousness.


Operation “y” and other Shurik’s adventures (1965)

A lot of the legends around the famous Trinity – Morgunov-Nikulin-Vitsin. Say, were not friends they are in life because of the strict Tatiana Nikolaevna that Yuri was respected and even slightly feared. Wife allegedly believed that the famous clown colleagues not hold a candle. However, there is another version: Vicinum Nikulin just not converged characters – closed and sad man was Georgy Mikhailovich.

And Morgunov was a man so very special – that only is his admission in the University after a letter to Stalin: “Take me to the art”. They say that by order of the leader a simple guy Eugene Morgunova took the factory “art.”

He could take the tickets to the name of the Trinity, the person of 12 in a prestigious box, without telling anyone. And loved the “Woo” Nikulin beggars. Said: do you need an apartment? Ask Nikulina, he’ll beg for you.


The dreamers (1965)

Yuri really often fussed over by strangers. Arranged housing for one, for another artist. Amazingly, when the deluge made an appointment or made the call, the officials really dropped the case and listen carefully to the artist.

As I recall his wife and son, he was so open and sincere that refuse to lie or he had no chance. He knew that many doors open in front of them and tried to use it to help others.

At the same time he is very long lived in a communal apartment and the apartment got a chance. One of the officials signing the documents for the next nikulinskaya of the applicant, to fill a pause, asked where the artist lives himself. And seeing that the people just froze in surprise. Immediately forced the artist to write a statement on the extension of their own homes.


Loved Nikulina children, visitors of the circus, the fans, loved colleagues, Directors, officials, loved, loved women.

Not beautiful but very charming and extremely sociable Yuri quickly won the heart of his only wife, with whom he lived for almost 50 years – until his death.

Artist of the circus – amazing horsewoman, carrying out even a terrible room with fire, a spirited and passionate beauty won the heart of actor and became his Muse. And was forced to retire from the circus, even despite the fact that her husband took the leadership post so much jealous of the love the gossip that went around Nikulina.

No one can neither confirm nor deny the love stories. For example, the first romantic adventure of Yuri called an affair with a young Ludmila Gurchenko, allegedly happened on the set of “Girl with guitar”.

The actress from the novel denies and joked and even tried to establish relations with the wife of Yuri Nikulin. But that was not allowed in the life of “the other woman”, not believing that the rumors about the affair is just a rumor.

About an insanely passionate relationship Nikulina with a Gypsy Gitana, Leontenko at the time, whispered the whole circus world. In one program with Maestro bright rider he performed for several years. Gossip has not yet had time to subside, as Gitana married Alexei Batalov. Maybe it’s the bike again?

Another lover of the master call talented aerial gymnast Tamara Musin. But she honestly talks about everything that happened between them. Say, helped to purchase a cooperative apartment, believed in her and supported her. Happened, had Breakfast and dinner – busy schedule of the circus are forced to do the snacks at work. But the famous actor was trying to Woo her – no, she does not remember.

But still, what would not say, to end the life of a great artist still remains his family – wife and son Maxim.

  • Big wick (film) (1963)

  • Girl with guitar (1958)

  • The man from nowhere (1961)

  • Delovye lyudi (1962)

  • Little fugitive (1966)

  • Point, point, comma… (1972)

  • Chuchelo (1983)

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