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January 30, 2017

Redhead beauty with porcelain skin remember after the first series debuted in which she is still a student. Thanks to the “Secrets of the investigation” and the role of the investigator first, and then counsel gene, the actress became famous and fell into the category of favourites of the public.

She was born in the family of people’s artist of Russia, Director of the St. Petersburg youth theatre on Fontanka Seeds (Solomon) Spivak. Dad often took a little a Mile to the theater, despite the fact that mom was a housewife and was engaged in the daughter. The girl grew up backstage, talked a lot with the children of actors, and at age 12 she first came on the scene.

Despite this, Emily was a very shy girl. Shy when I had to pass by acquaintances shy even to say Hello. But if someone was interested in her business or started a meaningless conversation, and was completely parched and Vimala his shoulders.

In school, the future actress could not concentrate and did not study very well. Exact Sciences, which were not interesting to Emilia, she just ignored. The actress admits that still can’t grasp – why did she need to solve a particular equation? It is not useful in life!

But that was quickly abandoned their passions and not drawn into the essence of regret. After all, her childhood were lessons guitar, ballroom dancing, and figure skating. But of special interest or abilities to something she is not found.

But it trailed peers. For the love of justice and perseverance Emilia seriously, as an adult, has always defended the truth, respected her friends. The actress admits that she was calm and reasonable even in violent Teens.


The hounds (2007)

In high school Emilia was seriously thinking about how to build a career in law. It attracted advocates.

That’s just the right qualities – balance, for example, considered, but temperamental girl in itself is not found. As a result, after graduation went to conquer the Saint Petersburg theatre Academy and received the first time.

But the first two roles, in film and in theatre she got in a similar way.

When Mile was a sophomore, the famous TV series “Secrets of investigation” urgently changed the scenario: the main actress Anna Kovalchuk was preparing to become a mother. The Directors have entered into a series of another character – the Intern who was supposed to pick up the viewer’s attention on himself.

A talented student and a beautiful girl approved immediately. And, despite the fact that the Academy did not complain starred actors, teacher Emilia allowed her to play this role. It was planned that only one year, the actress is busy in the series. But the character Spivak was loved by the audience that the investigator (and later lawyer) Eugene ordered a private line. She remained in the show for eight years!


Pridel Angela (2008)

Meanwhile, Emilia graduated from University and was invited to work first in the St. Petersburg youth theatre on the Fontanka, and then, having become acquainted on the set with Oleg Tabakov – in the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov.

In the first theater she went straight for the main role – the role of Desdemona. As an actress, from the very beginning pursued the idea that everyone around here thinks of the role she gets “to pull”, because the artistic Director of the theatre on the Fontanka – her dad.

But Desdemona she was when the actress playing the lead role went on maternity leave. Few people know how strict is Semyon Spivak during rehearsals. Emilia says: with her as with daughters, demand more! Dad wants her to fail, so trained a Mile in full. She had not offended, considering that the comments make it even better.

It is no secret that from under the nose of her father tried to entice her theater Oleg Tabakov. This is especially true was in the period when the actress met with Danila Moskvich Spivakovsky.


Three and snowflake (2007)

She attributed some novels. For example, with Ivan Urgant – then they together starred in the movie “Three and Snezhinka”. But the actors deny the rumors, although I do not deny that between them formed friendships.

But gossip about a civil marriage with Danilo Spivakovsky was not just a rumor. They really met for a long time, but the General house they had. Dan could not leave Moscow and was named to the capital favorite.

And it seems she would agree: along with this she had a role in the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov, tobacco favored and invited the troupe, but no. To leave the Northern capital and a favorite theatre on the Fontanka she couldn’t.

Some time later, after relations with Spivakovsky actress got married. Secretive beauty is rarely at social events and tells about his personal life to reporters. It is known that Emilia’s husband was her former classmate, the first and very deep love.

In one interview, the actress hints that a young man they had a serious relationship back in College. By having quarreled because of nonsense, proud Mil decided to end the relationship. Years later they met again and the feelings erupted again. Now the actors have decided not to leave, but the name of her husband she still manages to keep secret.

Personal life

Secrets of the investigation-7 (2007)

Beautiful and slim actress is often asked what helps her to stay in such great shape. Spivak is not flirting, as other representatives of the profession and do not hide the fact that my figure do to keep track of.

She starts every morning with a healthy yogurt and a Cup of green tea, not drinking coffee and if you start to notice that gaining weight immediately refuses favorite Italian dishes, limiting your diet of healthy food.

Italy for her country dream. She likes the culture and temperament of Italy, for several years actress stormed the Italian language, but admits that when her employment to engage in the language – is not easy.

She wishes all the girls not to overdo the makeup and perfume, and believes that the best remedy for beauty and a bad mood – the deep and healthy sleep. They treated Emilia from fatigue and the St. Petersburg Blues.

  • Hedgehog came out of the fog (2010)

  • Statskiy Sovetnik (2005)

  • Secrets of the investigation-1 (2001)

  • Secrets of the investigation-2 (2002)

  • Secrets of the investigation-4 (2004)

  • Secrets of the investigation-8 (2009)

  • Streets of the broken lanterns-6 (2004)

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