Three books on skin care

August 18, 2016

Each of us dreams of a beautiful glowing skin without special financial expenses. To Wake up in the morning and be happy with my reflection in the mirror. Not to torment itself, and the family budget surgery. Is this possible?

Yes, if you follow the advice of experts. Book printing service
ReadRate found three breakthrough books with the budgetary recommendations of the best beauty consultants. Really all that is wanted.

The Japanese revolution in skin care. Perfect skin at any age

Cheese Saeki

By the way, Cheese Saeki 73 years, which she absolutely doesn’t. More than 45 years, she works in the beauty industry, and during that time has gained thousands of fans around the world. The technique of the management of Christian Dior’s salon in Tokyo is as close as possible to each of us: Cheese works a lot and is physically unable to spend precious hours on the trips to the beauticians and the pursuit of the latest cosmetic innovations. So the first thing we advise: throw out most of the contents of their cosmetic bags to pay attention to the main working tool: hands. Regular massages will make your skin radiant, you just need to be able to do it. In the book Cheese Saeki given the instructions (with pictures) the different methods of facial massages, lymphatic drainage massages for the neck, recipes for hydrating masks. In addition to purely practical, the book is still a powerful inspirational effect: instantly want to do!

Korean beauty secrets, or culture flawless skin

Charlotte Cho

The world was overwhelmed with a wave of enthusiasm for Korean cosmetics. What makes it so extraordinary, that makes millions of Europeans to seek out and order a treasured jar and tonics? An expert on Korean cosmetics Charlotte Cho says that the main difference is in approach. If European women cleaning it a couple of times pull the skin with a cotton pad with micellar water, then Koreans evening washing more like a sacred ritual. The book “Korean beauty secrets, or culture flawless skin” entirely practical, consisting of practical advice on cleaning and care. From it you will learn why the cleaning should occur at least two stages than the lotion is fundamentally different from the tonic and what is the charm equipment of multitasking (different masks on different areas of the skin). Separately, lucidly, reasonably.

How to look expensive

Andrea Lustig

Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, the former beauty editor of Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines , eaten a dog on expensive creams cost of our three-month income. And then still came back to average cosmetic segment, and shares with us the reasons for this decision. Because you can have access to the best cosmetic novelties, or just to have a head on your shoulders and know that nothing refreshes the skin better cleansing of napkins from Starbucks, unsuccessfully bought shampoo can be safely used as a shower gel, and perfume applied to the comb, will last with you all day. By the way, the only weakness Lustig – expensive shampoos. In the book, she will explain in detail why.

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