This mom is born unique “shaggy” sons that surprised even the midwives

December 30, 2016

Adorable, who needs a Barber since birth.

Lindsay Shelton, the mother is absolutely wonderful boys who had become famous in their town already by the fact of birth.

Stanley 5 months

The eldest, George, has cut her obstetrician immediately after birth, as the bangs covered his nose. The youngest, Stanley, was born with bangs covering the eyes.

George at 11 weeks

George immediately after birth

Unreal curls George 9 months

It’s very funny, although it delivers some inconveniences: the children had to mow three times during the first six months of life, so they quickly grow hair.

Mother with Stanley in 3 weeks

George in 4 months

Hair Stanley almost always fluffed out under the electricity

Moreover, George does not like to get a haircut, which is especially difficult case.

Four-year-old George, Lindsay and baby Stanley

“When our children’s hairdresser saw George in his 9 months, he asked permission to take a picture with him, so strange was my son.”

According to the materials of dailymail.

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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