Things that need to be removed from the bathroom

January 17, 2017

To leave you prematurely, after a prolonged illness.


No, the ones that right now are you, your husband and your dog (judging by the fur on the machine) is to remove them is not necessary. But spare blades for machines should be stored in a dry place, otherwise you risk to find that new unused machine shaves are noticeably worse and a little rusty.

This task, however, can handle and an airtight bag on the clasp. But used machines makes sense after immediately after shaving rinse and dry from the water. Fan Hairdryer for a couple seconds or shake abruptly drops from the machine, a movement how you shake a thermometer.

Electronics that aren’t designed specifically for wet areas

Love listening to music when I wash in the shower? You have neillyuzorno risk to ruin delicate equipment, not even dropping it in the water. Enough of moisture vapor that will oxidize the contacts and sooner or later will bring your phone or player down.

By the way, about the appliances and their danger

Contrary to the popular stamp of the movies in which taking a bath person kill underwater hair driers, to kill in this way is very difficult. But the risk is still there. Must match several factors, which we, for obvious reasons, to give here will not.

In reality, you probably face a stammer and nervous TIC because short circuit is very noisy. And in that moment, knocks out traffic jams. The more fireworks – loud flash and darkness, if you have all the wiring in the house opened from one machine that often happens in older homes.

The device will, of course, hopelessly flawed.

Decorative cosmetics

It should be stored at room temperature, not in the face of constant changes in heat and humidity. Your shadows and lipstick can just go bad before you they spend. Moreover, you will not even suspect about it until you find irritation on the face.

Nail Polish should also be stored at room temperature, otherwise it will prematurely start to flake.


Yes, we all know that this Cabinet with the mirror in everyday life is called “first aid kit”. But if you look closely at the instructions for any medication that you will find that it is necessary to store “in a cool and dry place.” The bathroom, of course, is neither the one nor the other.


There is nothing wrong to put earrings on a shelf for a shower. But to keep in the bathroom, no earrings, no other jewelry is not necessary. Why? The same moisture that causes tarnishing of silver and precious stones, including pearls. Cleanliness in the bathroom

According to the materials of Good Housekeeping. Photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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