“Then I said, go on, leave!” The real story about the last straw in the relationship

August 19, 2016

No one is thinking about the breakup when the relationship is just beginning. And even when it becomes clear that they continue in vain, we don’t think about how it will all end. Because “and suddenly will not end”? Suddenly all will be well? And at this moment a man does something that puts an end to the relationship once and for all. Readers shared with us stories about what was the last straw, after which they said, “go on, leave!”

He lost his job and sat with her a year and a half, and during this time I worked quite successfully, the career was gaining momentum. He was attached for a while. Then he started to cling to, then rude, then rude, then to prohibit something, and generally behave poorly. One day he forbade me to go to a corporate party but I went anyway. Just because I was with him was already hard and wanted to be distracted. On arrival got hit in the face. The police were called, that held lush, Packed a bag and drove off in the mist. Another six months he tried to win me back, but I, of course, nothing had.
He gave his entire salary to a friend in debt. Entire to the penny. And we are in the time the money is needed the money I waited and hoped for them. And he knew about it. And when with a clear untroubled eyes he inform me about this — I really feel like I’m losing my mind. Went home — did not notice anything a bit under the car was not hit. And the same evening kicked by staging a wild scandal. Still stirs on the body from the memories.I stood in the Chanel store in Milan, were holding the perfect bag that you really wanted for a long time, hung a chain on his shoulder and realized that the bag that I look like a cow saddle. And I became sharply sad. I left the store, called my husband and said that this bag is my disappointment of the year! And he said, “And I thought that the disappointment of the year is me!” And here I was quite sad at first, then easy, because everything fell into place. I returned to Moscow and asked him to leave.

One day I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and saw him pulling chest hair with tweezers. No matter what it was before, but immediately after that I became very need to go home, and I stopped answering the calls. Lived for 10 years, the last few years, coded from alcoholism. Next bout, the next dropper and a conclusion from hard drinking. Brought home the next day type went to the bathroom to get ready for work, turned on the water, and I was standing in the hallway. We have such acoustics in the bathroom that is unheard of, and bath — you can hear everything. And then I hear how he opens the bottle of vodka. I immediately opened the door, and he sits down and drinks vodka from the bottle. That was the last straw. Gathered his things and took him to his parents. A few months officially divorced, what still glad. And we even kept friendly relations.
Lived in different cities. I came in last time, with hope. Went to bed, I at the wall. And the duvet was on the bed is semi-double. And he had taken refuge, and my side and leg to the ice wall had to lie down. The second blanket I have not allocated. Then somehow cut off.
My first relationship was with a man much older than me, a Professor at the University. I was 20 years old, I thought no one else looks at me — so went with the first. He practically raped me in my birthday, taking advantage of my poor health, even though I told you not to touch me before marriage. He made me wait for hours in the cold, as he talked with his friends about politics (he was ashamed to show me, I looked like a child, and he was after all 57 years). He drove me out of the apartment when he was supposed to come plumber. He said I was hopeless as a writer, but I have beautiful Breasts and it would be better for me to give birth to many children and settle down. He was lazy to buy condoms and lied to me about 100% efficiency terminated act, and I just miraculously got pregnant. But the last straw was just glaring: we went to the annual book fair, and there he met many of his friends. And one of them asked him, pointing to me: “It’s your student, right?” And we replied in unison completely different things. He: “Yes, this is my student”. Me: “No, I’m not his student, we’re going poieni…”

What happened next looked like a scene from a movie by Pedro Almodovar. He smiles apologetically to a friend, and then hurt, hurt grabs me by the shoulder, attaches to the side and hisses in my ear, “do that again and I will behave — I never you not take with them”. I felt bad. Just a week left. Very helpful friend, if not for her, I would have forgiven him, that’s for sure. Too much afraid to be alone.

Went together to the store, I was humming. He turned and with a very disgusted expression said, “You’re disgusting to eat!” I realized that was no good. There told him where to go, until the house came together in order to have it Packed. It all happened in 30 minutes. I do not regret.
Ran after work, not having to buy bread, the nanny was in a hurry to let go. Asked him to watch the kids (3 years and 1 year) until you run into the store. Came in 20 minutes. Found the citizen unconscious in the bedroom (a pint consumed in one gulp) and the authors have a huge corner bath. Vividly imagined how they could fall in there and drown. When I slept in and I expressed to him that think he got all my gadgets and mobile, left the bathroom and got the water. Explained by the fact that I spend a lot of time at the computer and looking at the phone, not paying attention to the children, leaving them to a nanny. At this point in the family worked only I. In the morning we went to a lawyer and filed for divorce.
We’ve been arguing left and even made a string of lovers, but still could not let go of a relationship — met, walked, had sex. And that evening celebrated our operational gosy (studied in one group), and he asked me, “did you get ready?” I answer: “Not until the end, take a vacation and fill. Good thing you’re ready, though, and you did.” And he to me: “I wrote nothing, I’m all by myself.” And so I feel sorry for myself! I damn diploma wrote to her immediately after the accident with a concussion, when I’m not feeling that it was impossible to sit, to get out of bed was impossible. In General, was found to protect, not talking anymore at all. Relationship was 3 years, the application to the registry office and big plans for the future.

It was my first, I’m 18, he’s 23, I’m in my first year physics and mathematics, he’s on the fifth. His dad is the plant Manager and the apartment in the elite house in the center, my dad is a chief warrant officer, and I live on the outskirts. For his mom I was too skinny, too small, too young and definitely the face and tie him to his child. Me 19, him 24. I have already had an abortion because all of the above, and a brilliant physicist is not ready to be a father, but to use a condom can not.

For him I am a nurse, a babysitter, listen to his complaints about his mother and work instead in the school where he was on the distribution, to hang from the army — 5 km from the town on foot. Carry a notebook and at night in Dorm check in with them, after I wrote the lecture notes and lesson plans. He comes to me for birthdays without a gift, always late and whining that it would not let my mother for which I’m too small, thin, etc. I console. He’s such a hard life. With such a severe mother. And dad when the death — stroke, he is no longer the plant Manager. And he walks to my Dorm to eat. And brings your clothes to wash.

And I for love is still not hard to heat water on the stove and hand wash these pants and this shirt — “I bought an expensive suit, honey.” It has a fashionable machine, but the mom erases and ruin these expensive pants and this shirt. Suddenly, in the middle of washing out of his pocket lapel wet shirt crawling louse. And pleadingly looks at me. Here I abruptly realized that everything and enough. And the boy did not understand, no. He had tried so hard to win me back, coaxing my friends to influence me that you had sex with one of them. Happy ending for everyone but the lice. There’s something cruel former friend had used to kill his new Pets. I got rid of only one, but a big parasite.
He went to the shooting range with real weapons and tried to kill himself. Came back and told me all the details: how he felt cold metal, watching the muzzle as imagined myself dead… it All happened quite suddenly. There were no signs of suicide (he is alive and well still). It was probably some “doing” to put pressure on the pity — our relationship was not the best time, but I was scared. I silently Packed my things and went to my parents.
I had a birthday, we went in the evening with her friends at the club, I have one friend gave an incredibly beautiful tulips, dark purple, almost black. I stand with them in hand, so happy my birthday is may 9, I always traditionally the tulips away, and I just loved them. He came up out of nowhere, snatches them from my hands and flings with the words: “No flower you’re not going to hold in their hands, given to you not me.” Thus he me flowers did not give never. And in that moment I seemed to shroud my eyes, Yes.In the hospital’s ex-husband asked the doctor: “When will it all end? I work in the morning!” Well, everything, actually. Quite everything.

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