The woman was shocked to learn that her svejesobranna cat-Sphinx — ordinary cat that’s shaved

December 2, 2016

It would be funny if not for the suffering of the cat.

In the canadian province of Alberta wanted a rogue, selling on the Internet cats-Sphynx 700 per animal. And searching not so much for fraud (though it does), and for cruelty to animals.

This type of hair was removed the usual cats and sold them as a hairless Sphynx. If he did it with a razor or a depilatory cream, reliably is not yet known, but in any case the animals have undergone serious suffering.

“My cat cried all the time. I thought she had missed the previous family, but it turned out that all this time she was just hurt after removing hair”.

The fraud was discovered a few weeks after the Scam, when wool sold animals began to grow.

As usual, after reports of crime from villains impersonators rise up. Not to get into the same situation, buy animals only from reliable breeders with years of reputation of. Check the phone numbers of sellers and other contacts in a Google search, before you give your money.
In case of doubt, refuse.


Ekaterina Sarycheva

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