The woman built a village for dogs, where you want to live people

November 11, 2016

Each dog have a house with a sofa, stereo and TV.

Imagine a vacation home in the woods on 22 acres of private grounds. Every vacationer your cabin and meals. Long walks at sunset and then sleep. Presented?

This is all designed for dogs. Liesl Wilchard, founder of unique dog shelter, has created a village designed to… of pit bulls.

6 cottages separated by “two-family”, live in the moment 10 fighting dogs. In a big house with a room simpler to live about 40 dogs of small breeds. The plans of the owner of the shelter to build a maternity home for pregnant bitches and a guest house for “adoptive parents” of dogs.

Its strange, at first glance, the behavior of Liesl explains:
“Usually our dogs apart for a week or two. But Pitbull have to wait for hosts for several months. And the other shelters they spend time in the cells, from which run wild and become aggressive.”

“We are living in the same environment in which they will live after in the family. They are not isolated from our volunteers every day, several times walking all the dogs. They communicate with each other, and therefore the psyche of the animal does not suffer”.

According to the owner of the shelter, the construction of each cottage cost her about 20 thousand dollars. But she believes that a healthy dog that once in the family, will not then the problem is worth it.


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