The tragedy of failed love. Payback for the slap Catherine Savinova

August 15, 2016

The fate of the beloved Frosya Burlakova in many respects similar to the fate of the performer of this role Catherine Savinova, but the actress spent far more tragic, desperate life.

They say God gives you a talent to use it to communicate something to people. And if man neglects nothing, fate cruelly punishes him. With this statement one can argue, can agree. In the case of actress Catherine Savinova one thing is clear: when the owner of a unique voice refused to give it to people, it rained a series of misfortunes.

The future star was born into a peasant family in the village of El’tsovka of Altai Krai. Parents together with neighbors admired and praised the daughter for an unusually strong voice, and jokingly called her an artist. But no one seriously thought that the girl will one day pack a suitcase and go to conquer the capital.Resilient beauty Katya came to Moscow in only a simple dress – “mom’s the output”. Later in the movie that became classics, it will select this expression from myself, not in the script. And while girl with charming dimples only came to the capital, come to VGIK. And, as in “Come tomorrow”, was late for the entrance exams.

Refused Opera

No it specially did not look. And, not to return home, Catherine entered the land Institute, but not burying the dream. Girl zealously follow what is happening in the coveted theatre.

Six months later, on one of the courses announced an additional set where you got the aspiring actress. But by the end of the first year she has been: the leader called Savinov not photogenic and saw in it the potential of becoming a movie star, but really talk to a girl about her unique voice, able to cover three octaves. He advised her not to waste time and do the vocals, because Katya has a serious chance to Shine on the operatic stage! But the girl had only one goal – the cinema! Without hesitation, with a new set, she again enrolled at the VGIK, in another workshop. From the competition of three thousand people in place, the selection Committee chose a total of 40 candidates, of which the first session is still 20. Among them was Nonna Mordjukova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov… been there and Ekaterina Savinova.


When the future actress has already settled in VGIK, it is assigned to a Dorm room. The girl went to the address, found my room and began unpacking, when suddenly there came another student, Evgeniy Tashkov – he was assigned to the same room!

Soon the misunderstanding was resolved, but the young people, having survived such an adventure already looked at each other with loving eyes. Classmates remember: everyone knew that Jack and Kate get married. When he came into the room where she lived with seven girls, they sat on the bed and quietly about something talked.

These moments were very touching, and all around were trying not to interfere, even to go for a walk. The lovers are carefully prepared for the birthdays of each other, in advance of buying a warm scarf, a good comb and other things, such simple today and are needed then.

Pirovskoe curse

When Ivan pyrev invited Savinov in “Kuban Cossacks” in her heart was the only one Zhenechka. But this Director is famous not only as a classic of Soviet cinema. Pyrev – a true lover of beautiful women.

Ivan has an eye for beauty, and that in their children’s provincial naivety I could not understand what the Director want from her? Meanwhile, the first failure did not know: in the hope of a new role of the actress was always friendly with him. So when Ivan allowed himself too much against Savinova and received for it an uncompromising resistance in the form of slapping, he was extremely angry.From that day on Yekaterina Savinova entered the “black list” of Soviet cinema. Two roles, which was her name at the same time, with apologies given to other Actresses. Catherine was no longer invited to the main role, taking it rarely and in episodes.

Immediately after the VGIK Kate, the only course, called Mat, but she did not know what “Pirovskoe curse” and sincerely believed that now, when she became a registered artist, it will call for a movie. Play theater Savinova refused and I got home for an indefinite period.

A gift to his wife

Talented and vivacious actress, able their energy and talent to give the world one delicious kinoraboty, a wave of the hand of the offended men were suddenly in demand.

To have something to do, Catherine enrolled in the Gnesin music school and graduated with honors. The vocal talent of savinovo was recognized and praised, talked about her teachers, she licked the Opera Directors, but no, she again refuse to do something besides a movie.

During this time Katya and Zhenya born son Andrew. To do the boy free kata does not cause much trouble. Real suffering be the funeral of his talent.Charter watch as the tormented husband, Eugene Tashkov decides to make a favorite gift – to make a film for her, and her textured personality. To do this, they together wrote the scenario of the legendary “Come back tomorrow”, which put the story of her own life.

To circumvent the ban is now the head of “Mosfilm” Ivan pyreva, Tashkov starts shooting at the Odessa film Studio. But in the middle of the film sends a film crew to the province of the Commission, which puts the verdict: the movie is no good actress – mediocrity. The project was suspended, but senior management realized that the money was spent, and that means you need to show the result.

The movie was released. Less than a year it was watched by nearly 16 million people. The tape is entered into the Golden cage of Soviet cinema, and Ekaterina Savinova won the title “Best actress of the year”.


She was able to play 18-year-old student at 34 years old, she showed her temperament and showed, finally, the world your vocal abilities. But during the filming of this masterpiece happened that changed the entire life of the actress. At the market buying some random woman’s milk, Savinova had contracted brucellosis, a rare infectious disease.

Several times it looked the doctors, but could not put the right diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment. But when the disease is still found, took so much time that the infection began to affect the brain and nervous system of the actress, causing irreversible changes of the psyche – schizophrenia.

She was sick already on your main movie, she was sick, acting in several films, released in the mid-60s, and never got the main roles. Over time, the intervals between bouts were becoming longer. But coming from a state of oblivion, the actress knew that hurt, was terrified once again to go to the clinic and would have taken to pray for his mental health.
Grief for unfulfilled lives, not to splash, unrealized dramatic talent, he introduced the woman into the depression more and more. Now she could not be alone with a child, and the husband was constantly on set. Catherine hired a nurse.

In one of the periods of enlightenment Ekaterina Fedorovna managed to fool their babysitter. She left the house alone and went to her sister in Novosibirsk where he rushed from the platform under the train. At this time, the husband and son of actress found in the kitchen farewell letter in which she asked for forgiveness from his son, explaining that on her illness will only progress. She wanted to understand it. And wept for her.

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