The top 10 most liveable cities in the world

August 27, 2016

Dream to spend your next holiday in the most beautiful city on the planet? Or plan to radically change their life and move to a different part of the world? Should update their ideas about what cities now deserves the title.

For example, Paris is not in the list (well, more like: a crowd of romantics from all over the world, filling the once quiet streets, spoiled views from vintage postcards). Where to go for fresh impressions?

This list is annually compiled by the international magazine “Monocle”.

Cities are chosen for a variety of options: with the cleanest air? Where the infrastructure for cyclists? Where a lot of nice places where you can sit and dine? How many of the city’s public libraries? What is the cost of living or a Cup of coffee?

In the end, selected 10 of the most remarkable of the major cities around the globe — Sometimes the results are unpredictable.

Well there where we are not

It turns out that this Russian proverb works abroad. Despite the fact that the magazine is based in the UK, London this year the list were not included. As new York city. My dear capital is very expensive, and also dusty and noisy) is also not reached on the ratings.

Topped the list at all is not a European city and the capital of Japan. The number of cities-winners to lead Australia, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

So, the 10 most livable cities in the world

(more precisely, 11, as 10th place was shared by two cities):

1. Tokyo, Japan;

2. Vienna, Austria;

3. Berlin, Germany;

4. Melbourne, Australia;

5. Sydney, Australia;

6. Stockholm, Sweden;

7. Vancouver, Canada;

8. Helsinki, Finland;

9. Munich, Germany;

10. Zurich, Switzerland and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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