The three pillars of Diabetes Treatment

September 13, 2017

Diabetes is a chronic condition it requires long term care and dedicated efforts of the patient and their family like in no other condition says one of the best Diabetes specialist in Delhi as per the result of a popular survey by primetime media – Diabetologist Dr Rajesh Kesari.
The three main pillars of Diabetes treatment in Delhi are
· Diabetic diet

· Physical exercise

· Medication either oral tablets and or injections

While in many of the common ailments Doctors are the first and the last resort for the treatment .. if a person is suffering from Diabetes even the best Diabetologist in Delhi may not be able to treat well and prevent complications unless the patient is not compliant with the right Diet and Exercise regimen.

First we must understand the cause behind Diabetes- Diabetes is caused by body’s inefficient handling of Glucose present in the Blood. Insulin is a hormone produced by our pancreas in response to rising glucose levels in the Blood, Insulin helps move circulating blood glucose to inside the cells among other important functions. Due to various reasons which may have been preprogrammed genetically as well, the Insulin does not function as effectively- this process is called Insulin resistance which happens in most of the patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, whereas in Type one Diabetes the Beta cells of Pancreas which produce Insulin are destroyed leading to negligible or no Insulin production.

Contrary to this in Type-2 Diabetes Insulin is produced but with lesser efficacy; in order to compensate for this the Beta cells of pancreas produce more Insulin, this produces greater demand on the Beta Cells and they start wearing off and dying prematurely..soon there are none left to produce Insulin.

This is the reason why Diabetologist in Delhi pay stress on lifestyle modification like controlling diet and doing exercise. If Diabetics do not control their diet and eat food which results in excessive Blood Glucose levels, Pancreas is required to produce more Insulin. It has to work more and logically it would burn out earlier..its like trying to fill bucket with a hole in its bottom.

Exercise or enhanced physical activity increases the Insulin sensitivity, it makes the Insulin being produced more effective, as a result pancreas has to produce less Insulin for the same food eaten, this gives rest to pancreas and prolongs the life of Insulin producing Beta cells.

The Right Diabetes treatment in Delhi is always focused on all the three issues, the first two viz Diet control and Physical activity are in the hands of the patient, no other person can do this in lieu of the patient. Diabetologist or Diabetes Specialists play an important role in choosing the right medication. Even though there are’nt many medications for management of Diabetes but the appropriate usage of all medications is very important. Some medicines may have certain undesirable effects , medicines have to be chosen considering BMI, weight, co-morbidity ( presence of other diseases), prevention of Heart attack and stroke, Kidney disease; Diabetologist are well versed in this and would give the right guidance.

Total Care Control is a Diabetes care Centre in Delhi which provides all facilities for Diagnosis of Diabetes and its complications at early stages and and facilitates Diabetes treatment. It is not only equipped with latest instruments but also one of the best Diabetes doctors in Delhi. It has a Diagnostic Centre which provides Blood testing, Pathology Lab, X Ray, Ultrasound, Doppler, ECG, TMT, PFT and other facilities in the area of Mayur Vihar, Vasundhra, Indirapuram, Noida etc..

Source by Rajesh Kesari

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