The three passions and the eternal love of Oleg Strizhenova

August 11, 2016

Admirers still call him a Gadfly, and whispering about the rich beauties of privacy. Now Strizhenov is a dynasty, the founder of which was the great actor Oleg Strizhenov.

Photo: TASS

His parents survived the romantic drama: the mother was married to my dad’s boss. One day my husband couldn’t go with your favorite theater, and that the lady was not bored, he dispatched Alexander Strizhenova. He fell in love with the beautiful and elegant, the graduate of the Smolny Institute from the first glance, but after a short period of time it became clear that she reciprocates his feelings.

The husband of the mother of the future actor, a man of principle and honor, he saw that the couple broke real feelings and did not prevent divorce. So there is a new family Stroganovyh, in addition to the already existing son from his first marriage, appeared the two boys, Gleb and Oleg. Together they left their home of Blagoveshchensk to Moscow.

The family was military, so the two eldest sons went to war. Boris died in one of his first battles, and Gleb received a concussion and was the reserve at the beginning of the war. Oleg at that time was a 12-year-old boy.

When the war ended, it became clear that Oleg is quite well studied, and often participated in the initiative, knew how to amuse the audience, get to be sad, to reflect, to show mercy. But the main talent, which had the youngest son Stroganovyh had a penchant for drawing.

Teachers, and especially friends predicted the boy’s career as an artist, but the elder brother was about to enter the theatre and for a couple of months was able to captivate the idea and Oleg. Easily, he entered the Shchukin school, and after graduation was distributed in Tallinn theater of Russian drama.

The gadfly

Photo: Gregory Weil /TASS/

During the studies the student Strizhenova showed serious potential, and look at other artists often came to the filmmakers. Parallel to this, Director Alexander Fajncimmer planned to film the novel by Ethel Lillian Voynich “the gadfly”.

Assistants in all theatrical universities were looking for the main character – beautiful, indomitable Arthur. Went to the “Pike”. Blue-eyed Strizhenov they liked, and taking a photo of an actor, those went to show it to the Director. That young boy is not impressed, and then due to some red tape the shooting had to be postponed.

When Fajncimmer went back to casting actors, Oleg was already considered a rising star of the Tallinn theatre, for which Estonian Bohemian people began to look at the Russian drama Theatre. Rumors about the young talent came to the crew’s “Gadfly”, the artist went to see the second Director of the film. Came back with the idea that I finally found Arthur, as well as with photo Strizhenova!

Realizing that for the second assistant sees starring the same actor, Fajncimmer immediately called Oleg Aleksandrovich in the sample. Description the boy in the brown pants did not lay down the role of the uncompromising and even harsh character, but Strizhenov went all out. After his trial, the Director dismissed the others called artists, with the words: “Samples shall be no more


“Gadfly” became fatal for Strizhenova. On the set he fell in love with his partner who played Gemma. The actress with the beautiful name Marianne he soon took a wife. This love was quiet and cautious, and some time later, the family added another member, a little Natasha.

And all anything, but another fateful acquaintance was waiting for the perfect Moment at the time when he was married to Marianne. In Odessa, where they filmed “the Mexican” actor met the very young Lionello a haystack.

She was going to become an actress and went to the fence, behind which is located the crew and the actors played take after take. In the crowd of onlookers Strizhenov at once snatched a charming girl and asked to stay. They talked very long, and then the girl went about his business. He remembered full lips and hourglass figure, but did not yet know that one day fate will bring it with the beautiful forever.


Photos Eugene Kassin and Alexandra Konkova (TASS)

But before Oleg reunited with a girl with a rare name, he will leave his wife – a completely different woman.

Major changes in life Strizhenova happened after his refusal to play Andrei Bolkonsky, the hero of a novel. Sergey Fedorovich was on friendly terms with Oleg Alexandrovich, yeah so close, no doubt the most luxurious of the role each had to give him. But Bondarchuk pulled. Made a test for a year I watched other artists, and the neighbors marveled: “How so? Strizhenov – born Bolkonsky, why is he still invited?!”

Actor who have experienced copper pipe fame, terribly offended by the novel, and when, finally, he called to invite him to audition, decided to take revenge. He was gone for, it was approved. And then Strizhenov asked to collect all crew, and all said: removed Bondarchuk will not! He was summoned to the Ministry, asking uncomfortable questions and trying to get back to the role, but the actor was adamant.

After this story Strizhenova had to leave first in a long vacation, and then submit a petition for transfer in the Moscow art theatre. At about this time change happened in the heart of the artist. At first, cooled down to the wife, he broke the heart of Lyudmila Marchenko.


Luce was 18 when he lied to her that he was going to divorce him and called to live together. According to rumors, Marchenko was even pregnant Strizhenova, but he persuaded her to have an abortion, citing the fact that she’s too young. Due to this operation, Lyudmila was no longer able to have children.

But about the love Affairs of a recognized legal spouse. While she was worried, Oleg went to Yalta to rest before the next important filming. Playfellows immediately put him on notice: this is a real beauty, a student of GITIS! The famous womanizer went to meet her and… …immediately recognized in the charming girl the very Lionello, which met in Odessa!

They began a romantic relationship, even then Strizhenov got sick of his delightful Do – he called her but still had no idea how brutal way would be to deploy the fate of their love the boat.

Soon both left for the tour, and was found only in Moscow. The uncertainty is married Strizhenov, longing for tranquility… Skirda soon straightened itself: it is impossible to love a married man! And at the same time met with Director Ivan Pyreva. Told him everything about my sexual anxieties, and he even undertook to help to meet love, but he fell in love with a beautiful young woman and proposed to her.

And yet Lina

Tired of the uncertainty with Strizhenovy, Lena finally felt the man’s shoulder nearby. She agreed to marry Pyrevym. Oleg suffered. From another trip he wrote his beloved a letter in which he admitted that the world collapsed without her, but the faithful wife did not answer nothing, knowing that even harmless flirting can just kill the emotional pyreva.

Meanwhile Strizhenova at the Moscow art Theater had a new girlfriend – actress Love Zemlyanikin. They quickly got married and some time later was born their joint son Sasha, who became later a famous TV presenter. But the marriage did not last long. The couple did not end claims against each other, also in the heart Strizhenova, as he later admits, has always lived only a small Lee.

And fate brought them together again. By the time Oleg was already divorced, and widowed Lionella. At first his proposal made at all, she’s not even taken seriously: so much time has passed since their first date! But then I realized that marrying this man. Now, and forever.

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  • Nepodsuden (1969)

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