November 17, 2016

People who do not know how you got there, and we have in the “Native side” crackling heat. :yes: Why bitter?! Yes, because it is bursting as the wood in the fire, and everything melts. True! On the street MAY NOT be! Inferno. The sun is incredibly active. My light-skinned niece went according to the rules of tanning at the beach, you will not believe: to the hour of the day the color of her skin became ….NO….not red — the colour of milk chocolate. Somehow, it is very surprising the sun.

Well, tell me, what you can drink in this heat?! How “thirst quencher” are you using? Sweet soda to drink just not possible. Some abdominal cramps only and will get the result. pyvo, as they say, the Ukrainians …….remember the jokes:
– Peter, do you hear, Yak seem to Muscovites?
– Yak?
– Pieve………
… pyvo I don’t like……well, I don’T like it (even if they are the official sponsors of our football team.
So, what I’m going to melt from the heat and earn the dehydration? No Key…..Do NOT wait (AAA…..consoles are not perceived Universe….replace….FIC wait!….anything in a head not lezit more……brain-dead)
Call our sommelier (in the context of “My House” ….Cook)…….
– Cute Leshik, urgently to me, “the thirst quencher” here and now.
– That’s not a problem.
The French (and they are still experts in the drinks) I think white wine just elixir, utilitiles of thirst. Because these wines are more acidic, but less strength than the red. They are also characterized by freshness on the palate. White wine is produced from the corresponding color of the grapes. The wine is dry, i.e. containing less than 0.3% of sugar (what’s wrong with juice?); dry 1 — 2,5% of sugar; semisweet 3 — 8% with strength of 9 to 12 rpm.

Not to be punctured, to sing his “Elegy white wine”, buy it in specialized shops and “meet” on the label. Foreign text on them and the back labels have to be translated into the native language where indicated: country of origin; the grape from which the wine is cooked; if you find a sign that the wine aged over two years in oak barrels, you are in luck….you are the owner of vintage varietal table wine. And then, as a rule, needs to be specified more and region of harvest (for example, “Transcarpathian Riesling”, “Aligote Koktebel”) ; and, if the year of harvest found you a winner!… sang his “Elegy in white wine” and, of course, quenched their thirst; and…..only cork has the right to bottle this wine. Everything else is a fake (or talking about ordinary drink…..and we are people of the highest flight).

When this is not, use wine to marinade in the barbecue, ….the same thing.
About temperature of submission of wine we talked to here.

But it is necessary to store wine in a horizontal position at a constant temperature, better in the basement….no, in the closet with a tight-fitting door.

White wines go with fish dishes, cheese, seafood, and poultry dishes. Can be used as aperitifs.

Quick cooling of a white wine by gruppirovanie (this method does not spoil the taste of the wine, unlike the freezer), dip it upside down in a bucket of ice for five minutes, then pull out, shake, then the SAME procedure…..get wine with the temperatures around 12 *
So wanted to drink that fast you sang “Elegy white wine”, thus quenching the thirst of hot coffee.
Quench your thirst with pleasure, but with moderation, otherwise your “Elegy of white wine” will turn into an elementary ode to toilet….Oh! so rude….poor you, in short, will. You have a great day!

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