The skeleton on the tree or three troubles that can happen with your pet

August 11, 2016

Pets, which we’re getting the kids or for yourself, of course, encouraging. But sometimes they do something that leads us to despair, which, however, quickly disappears.


photo: Fotodom

The simplest and most common problem with the cat, especially if you live in a private house – he climbed a tree and meows mournfully from the heights. Ah, what to do, ” you exclaim and spend hours under a birch tree, calling “kitty, kitty, Kitty”, offering Vasenke or Kitty treats. But no, he is still sitting on the branch is, in principle, does not know how to climb trees.

The TRADITIONAL solution to the PROBLEM: try to bring down the cat with a broom, a slipper, a ball, get a ladder, make sure that it does not get to Vaska, cry and call the rescuers.

SIMPLE OPTION: Leave the cat alone. Believe me, he will peel himself, when convinced that all, in General, do not care about him. As one employee of the Ministry of emergency situations – “have You ever seen trees cat skeletons?”.


photo: Maroussia Vasiliev

Your dog runs to you struggling, and her face says “Oh my God! You have no idea what I’ll tell you now!” But the closer it is to you, the more clearly you feel. Yes, your sweet dog met fresh “stuff-on-the-road”. Most likely, she used her inside, additionally svalyavskiy from nose to tail. And absolutely do not understand why you shout not with delight.

The TRADITIONAL solution to the PROBLEM: Wait until it will fall off and stop to smell, pour a dog in a bathtub liters of shampoo and conditioner, making sure each time that still smell.

Simply Wash the dog with “FAE” or tomato juice. We are not saying that this is useful, we say it works, and it will cease to spoil the atmosphere in your home.


photo: pixbay

The biggest trouble that can happen to your hamster is death. Unfortunately, the life of them is small. Djungarian hamsters live an average of two years, the Syrian a little more centenarians make it to four years. You get up in the morning, and at the bottom of the cage – lifeless furry corpse, and ahead of the tears and tantrums of children…

The TRADITIONAL solution to the PROBLEM: Tell the children that their furry friend went to the special homecine heaven that he was sent to live on a farm, drink Corvalol, to wash and to calm the offspring.

SIMPLE VERSION: If you’re not ready to tell children about death in the context of their furry friend, then quickly run to the pet store and select the animal most similar to yours. Hamsters, in General, have a strong personality, so substitution is unlikely anyone will notice. In one family the children are sure that they have a hamster-survivor, celebrated her tenth birthday. Of course, to fool the children is not good, but sometimes this option saves the nerves of the whole family.

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