The shelf life of common household items. When it’s time to throw away?

October 4, 2016

Almost any subject has its own shelf life, and we don’t even think about it or forget that it is time to change this or that thing.

Won’t insist that you immediately threw out the old food processor or purse 10 years ago. It is your right to remain cherished objects, even if they are long-obsolete. Pay attention only to those items, the state of which depends on your health and well-being. Well, check the expiration dates?

10 years


After this period, the mattress need to change the springs wear out, and the core of the mattress is infested with dust mites.



After this period, they usually wear out, worse absorb moisture, become hard or wear out. This, of course, applies if you used them regularly, a couple of times and not pulled from a linen closet. Wash the towels better at high temperatures because they accumulate a lot of bacteria.


Try a simple test — fold your pillow in half and wait for a bit. If it can not take its original shape, so unable to support your neck. D, and dust mites love to live in pillows.


This retention period is specified on the bottle, but we often ignore it.



Spices lose flavor and aroma, so become useless.


They are designed to work under a certain load, and can skip through only a limited number of Joules, and then begin to fail.



This average lifetime, after which a bra is stretched and keeps bad form. The larger the breast, the faster the bra wears out.



Another subject on which accumulate bacteria. Change the comb every year and don’t forget each time after use to remove hair. Comb wash is recommended once a week, but I must admit that almost no one does.

6 months


Once home, the shoes start to stink, wash them in the machine or just change to a new one. The cause of the odor are fungus and bacteria, why are they to breed?


Wool is an ideal medium for the distribution of mold, but many people over the years use the same washcloth. It will not fit!

3 months


A new toothbrush can remove more plaque than the worn. So, if you want your teeth remain healthy, don’t forget to change the brush. In addition, it is recommended to change after suffering a cold or flu.

2 weeks

China sponge

Actually quite a couple of days to sponge covered with bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to change it as often as possible.

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