The secrets of housekeeping that you need to take note

July 1, 2016

“Before you enter the room, you need to knock three times on the door with a pause,” starts the manual for maids of one of the hotels of world renown, comprised of 60 detailed items. They are carried out step by step. Fortunately, you don’t need to knock at the door of his own bedroom, but other professional techniques the maids that we have prepared for you with the TV channel Fox Life, will probably come in handy during harvest.

Prepare tools

In a special truck, which they carry around in the hotel have all the necessary tools for cleaning. At home, before you start cleaning, take a bowl or basket and put into it everything you might need: a rag, brush, cleaning products and gloves, be sure to immediately take the trash bag. So you will not be distracted and make unnecessary movements.

First, take out the garbage

Start cleaning with a clean slate. Get all the trash into the bag, put dirty Laundry in Laundry basket, clear stale linen. It is important to change clothes at the beginning of harvest, because he always flies a lot of dust, which then settles on surfaces. In the bathroom, collect the cosmetics that are on the bathroom shelf, it helps to fight against the temptation to just dust around items.

Use the microfiber

All professional cleaners prefer napkins from microfiber.

This is the most suitable cloth to remove dust. Do not use dust Terry towels, polyester or feather dusters – they spread the dust on the surrounding surfaces.

start at the Top

When cleaning, do not forget the window sills, because from the street the apartment gets a major amount of dust. Wipe them a few times before moving on. Remove dust from cabinets and bedside tables, first clean the lampshades and bases of fixtures that they are. And only after that wipe the surface of the table.

Vacuum curtains

The best way to rid curtains of dust to repel them wet or dry with a towel. Roll towel medium size in a tube and shoot down the dust on the floor. After that, the curtains can be raised and put on the window sills so they don’t prevent you from vacuuming.

First vacuum and then wash!

Always vacuum the floor (or pegmatite) before you MOP the floor. And vacuuming is necessary, starting from the entrance to the room. In crowded areas accumulate the most dirt, and it is better to treat them twice. Start from the door, then move into the room, vacuum the corners and then go back to the door.

Cleaners need time to kick in

One of the most common mistakes during cleaning is to apply a tool and immediately start to wipe or clean the surface. Give the medium time to do the work for you. Spray wall shower, sink, bath and toilet cleaning solution and leave for a few minutes. Use this time to clean the mirrors, disassemble the Cabinet and shelves in cupboards. You’ll spend less force, and the dirt goes away easier.

A toothbrush and a plastic card

Of course, it is unlikely you will clean every inch of your apartment with a toothbrush, but from time to time it is simply irreplaceable. Small brush gets into the narrow nooks and crannies. Use it to clean hard to reach places, for example, screws at the bottom of the bowl. An old plastic card (any discount card from the store) convenient to remove dried stains on the floor, not manage with no vacuum cleaner, nor MOP. It will quickly clean off the sticky spots on the kitchen or the remnants of clay on the floor in the nursery.

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