The rules of life Irina Bezrukovoj

July 1, 2016

One of the most beautiful Russian Actresses shared with us the principles by which he tries to build his life.

Irina Bezrukova about life

1. Never say “never”. Because one way or another, the fates, very seldom, but we have to break their taboo. The universe or God is who he believes — sometimes unfold your life so that you suddenly have to do things that you promise. Try to be less categorical.

2. A wise man told me: always have 30 seconds to disagree with the negativity that you offer. I tell you something today, you look bad, and you: I don’t think so. Or: but THIS blouse doesn’t suit you, and you don’t know, but I like it. As soon as we have something negative in your address agree, we have this as something to interact with.

3. But with the compliments I prefer to agree immediately. Russians have a tradition: “You look nice.” – “Well, you didn’t sleep too well…”. Or: “What your dress is beautiful!” “Oh, Yes, he’s a hundred years old, bought on sale…”. I used to think: well this person has said something nice, and maybe he was insincere, pursued some goals… Now look at it this way: if something said is his responsibility. We didn’t force people to make us compliments. Therefore it is better to agree and accept what is good, what I’m saying.

4. It is impossible to always look perfect. We have to give in and not demand too much of yourself. There are different circumstances: feeling ill, or a loved one in the hospital, or work on your plate, haven’t slept in days… Only the covers of glossy magazines and turns out everything is always spotless, no matter what state you didn’t come to the shoot. But this make the hand a whole team of makeup artists, stylists, lighting designers, photographers and so on. And then connect designer and photoshop — and here it is picture perfect. But we know that such people do not exist. Including my photos on the covers is non-existent, in General, in the nature of a character. Just talented “collective creativity”.

5. To feel beautiful enough to be well-groomed. To sleep and be in a good mood. As the French say: “Clean your hair is already hairstyle. I’m not going to go five kilometers on the “louboutins” to be photographed on the background of the Eiffel tower, this is so embarrassing, I need ease and comfort. Styling, sophisticated make up, the outfits — it’s all good for a photo shoot. In my life I’m a fairly simple clothes, sunglasses and backpack.

6. Morning try to start to imagine how good and exciting it can be this day. Trying to learn every day something new. Now once again improve your English.

7. In my youth, I studied medicine and I know that men and women have different hormones. Physiologically caused by the difference in emotions. Those bursts that men experience during the year, women can fit in one day. As cardiogram mood swings! I think about it, when suddenly there is a desire to respond harshly to something. Need to listen to him and be sure that you think that everything is wrong, maybe just need two hours to look at the situation differently? Well, I give myself those two hours. And all really different.

8. Do not be afraid to be a woman. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, tender , sometimes weak. Workaholism, incidentally, is not helpful to women. For men the load, stress is just an incentive to move stress temper. And women need breaks, time to recover to gain energy, because we have to share it. A galloping horse to stop and go into a burning house needs a man. A woman can do it in exceptional circumstances, when something threatens her life, her family, her child, but actually, I think the man should be allowed to be a man.

9. Each of us is responsible for what he says. One careless phrase can ruin someone’s confidence. Or be the last straw — it’s one thing when this drop is positive. and the man says to himself: still I will try, I will overcome everything. And sometimes, on the contrary. The world is very fragile, and we must be very careful not to push the person into the abyss just a careless phrase.

10. In any even the most difficult and scary situation is your highest inner sense. Life consists not only of the joys and celebrations. Sometimes she offers a serious examination, and it depends on us how decent and humanely we go through these lessons.

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