The perfect pitch now, not in 100 years – really

July 26, 2016

Here is the lawn in order. How to do it effortlessly?

Everyone wants to the country was green fashionable, short-cropped lawn, which is so good to lie with a book. But not all at once and it turns out that bald spots on the grass, the stains, then it turns yellow in July.

five main problems faced by owners of lawns:

Brown spots

Every time we want to mow the grass down so long not to return to this work. However, the cutting of grass more than 2-3 cm at a time leads to the formation of brown spots on the lawn. The same thing happens when you use a blunt mower.

Trampled paths

If the lawn over time, it became the beaten track, don’t fight it. Better lay out the path with gravel, decorative stones or wooden cubes.

Weak and brittle grass

If the grass is easily broken and pulled out of the ground, maybe the soil is very dry. To check this, pierce the lawn in several places with a screwdriver. If it is not freely to a depth of 10-12 cm, sprinkle the lawn with a hose.

Yellowed lawn

Possible cause – an excess of fertilizer. Nitrogen, which stimulates the growth of grass, can burn it. So, if you are going to fertilize the lawn, liberally pour it with water to help the soil absorb the fertilizer.

Yellow glades

One of the possible causes of yellowed spots on the lawn stool Pets. As with fertilizer, the urine contained nitrogen, but in a more concentrated form. So the only solution is to watch your dog or cat. If you caught your pet at the scene, quickly pour the soil with water from a hose. Old yellow glades will have to re-sow the grass.

Are tired of fighting with your lawn?

Use other features:

Dwarf turf

Now there is a special lawn mix of unpretentious low-growing herbs that grow slowly, do not require frequent mowing and painstaking care and can be used on any soil.

Edible lawn

Small areas of the lawn, where, eventually formed bald spots, you can replace lawns with decorative herbs. Suitable thyme, sage, any greens, salads and even low berry bushes – strawberries, cranberries, etc.

Landscape architecture

In arid places where grass does not grow, the variant is inexpensive and does not require complicated setting decorative coating. As design is often used soft cover: small, sometimes colored stones (pebble, gravel and crushed stone) and sand and mulch (bark, wood chips, nut shells). Mulch protects the soil from temperature extremes, reduces weeds, and allows to diversify the plot. Organic mulch is better to buy ready-made, because during the production stage it is thoroughly cleaned.

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