The Network is gaining popularity a petition to ban performances Anastasia Volochkova in front of children

July 28, 2016

A petition to ban performances of the ballerina in front of children is signed by more than thousand people.

Anastasia is his love of twine and outrageous outfits had incurred public wrath. Dancer who regularly publishes Nude and erotic photography, became the object of the boycott. So, in the Internet appeared the petition to disallow the dancer to perform with her concert program in front of minors and involve them in views.

The author of the petition of Marina Maidan reports that the behavior of the actress gives the basis for the criminal responsibility according to the article “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”. The text says that many programs Volochkova and her stage outfits are sexy and the erotic.

“So, in one of the rooms Volochkova A. Yu appears in a black leather suit with metal studs and leather stockings. Such a costume is appropriate for presentations to a limited audience, who is of the required age, but not for performances in front of children. Some songs performed Volochkova A. Y. (“I Will be with thee happy,” “I Will be with you”) have erotic overtones. The concert program has no age restrictions, on the basis of its content, is unacceptable,” – said Marina. At the moment the petition was signed by over a thousand people.

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