The mystery of the incredible triumph of Lyubov Orlova

August 30, 2016

She was ugly, low and thin gray mouse, and besides, even with a disability – remember about the actress after the death of her niece. And it could be true, but only up to a meeting with Grigory Alexandrov, the main man in the life of the great Orlova.

Life Lyuba Orlova wrote in the official papers that comes from a simple family. Because the real information about the family of a rising star hardly would have reacted with understanding. The fact that Orlov was descended from an old noble family – the Orlovs that were mentioned in the history books and other Chronicles.

In the beginning of XX century, when the future actress was born, the family was in relationship with Tolstoy. Once arrived to visit, he signed the girl’s book: “the Lyubov Orlova – Leo Tolstoy”. Later she had to lie that a book signed she received in the mail by sending a child a letter to him with a fierce confessions.

As was customary in aristocratic families, Luba from infancy taught music and languages, and also encouraged her involvement in Amateur dramatics. The girl traced the obvious dramatic flair, but the service performance was encouraging parents. Besides, before Luba was diagnosed with a rare disease – Meniere’s disease, which she often felt dizzy and not too clearly could control vestibular apparatus. Dream we had only about the position of pianist.

After the revolution the family lived a difficult life. Love knew that after high school you need to obtain an applied profession that will help to earn money. She entered the Moscow Conservatory, but you can end it failed: the disease manifested itself, and even the family financial situation became very dire. Contain adult daughter Orlov could not.

Deprived husband

for/f “Circus” (1936)

In the twenties of the Lyubov Petrovna arranged by the teacher, moonlights as a pianist – voiced the music of silent films, and starts walking to the embodiment of their dreams – to take acting lessons.

At the same time beautiful and lively Orlova was married to the Deputy chief of financial and administrative management of people’s Commissariat of agriculture of Andrey Berzin. Financial life married to the big boss began to improve, but the long family happiness did not last. After four years of marriage, Berzin was arrested in the case of the Labor peasant party. Taken, how often in those years, at night, in silence, without explanation.

For several years from Berzin there was no news. Husband just lost, and to find out about him was not possible. Orlov is desperate to find him, and even started a serious affair with the Austrian impresario named Franz. But all the power was given to the development in the profession: he sang, danced professionally with elements of acrobatics, and also played on stage.

It was there that she was noticed Grigory Alexandrov, while searching for the female lead in his film “Jolly fellows”.

Marlene Dietrich

The Director then told the legend about how brilliant Orlov begged to participate in his movie and was happy when an icy stare that beauty warmed and she agreed. But witnesses have questioned the words of Alexandrov, though I admire his ability to develop to end to conform to the image of the fan of talent of the spouse.

In fact, 31-year-old Lyubov Orlova, though, and had fine aristocratic features, but a special beauty did not Shine. The mark on the actress has left and no longer young age, and years of poverty. When she passed the qualifying round for the role of Ania, the Director wrapped it. Had to persuade a friend that gave her a seemingly random meeting with Alexandrov in a narrow circle of friends. That’s where Luba revealed all their talents and impressed, finally, Grigory Vasilyevich.

In the modern world any movie buff safely hold parallel: Orlov was a Soviet Marlene Dietrich, but Aleksandrov did not hesitate to use images of Marlene in his films. But in the middle of the last century in the USSR, ordinary people never heard of this actress.

Meanwhile, the Director was forced Orlov to do plastic surgery to achieve a resemblance with the great Dietrich, and also put a lot of money to Lyubov Petrovna were able to replace their teeth into gorgeous porcelain.

His dark blonde hair she bleached too for the first time under his guidance.Worked to preserve their waist 42 cm, daily practicing at ballet bar, wore long gloves, hiding his ugly hands… Today considered to be: the beautiful and the star of Hollywood have made her Director and husband Grigory Alexandrov, considered the real, though not faceted diamond.

A Friend Of Stalin

K/f “the Error of engineer Kochina” (1939)

Alexandrov carefully monitored in order to film the beloved was forever young and handsome, glowed white smile and shining skin. With congenital vertigo, too, struggled together, each movement Director and actress carefully worked out. Picked up the light and background to Orlov in the movie was perfect: high (if 1,58 cm tall!), slender (actress closely followed the diet and engaged in gymnastic exercises and dancing) and of course young.

Having played in five consecutive movies, Lyubov Petrovna has quickly become a crowd favorite, and well – mannered charming and talented noblewoman came to the court of the Secretary General of Joseph Stalin!

Record of which character was this friendship that remained: no one came to mind to ask, what does Orlov with Stalin, when he disappears for a few days. But those close to the actress said: in the country of the eagles had a phone with a direct link with the leader.

The operators were ordered, whenever called Lyuba, immediately connect. Conversations could go on for a whole hour. When the Secretary General missed friend, sent for her car, which took Orlov in a General direction sometimes for a few days.

One day the leader was willing to do for her, anything. She asked to know where now her first husband. Was alive; Berzin was exiled to Kazakhstan where she held a fairly normal position. The actress was invited to reunite with her husband, if she wants, but the prospect Orlov did not appeal: she’s already “buried” Andrey, and was going to marry.

In an open relationship

for/f “Russian souvenir” (1960)

Strange is the simultaneous marriage and the image of a beautiful cinematic couples and full representation Orlova herself. As told neighbors Orlov-Alexander’s at the cottage that was once cool to each other in bed, the actress and Director was never able to find other values in family life and intimate fellowship quickly stopped, agreeing to save the marriage.

It is known that the husband and wife called each other by name and patronymic and on “you”, and in every house equipped with a room with a fireplace. Tired of the constant adoration of the crowd Orlov never loved any guests or children. Therefore, she did not want to give birth, and have come to see the famous couple acquaintances quickly dispersed. The spacious house was not even provided rooms for guests.

However, Aleksandrov’s son from his first marriage made an exception allocated a room on the first floor. He could be there when he wants to, until she broke the word of the father and the stepmother who went abroad. Said will not be calling guests in their absence, and he, of course, made a feast.

Upon arrival, Orlov discovered damaged furniture and threw dishonest stepson. Later, even knowing that the stepmother dies, Douglas – the so-called Alexandrov’s son, did not want to put up with her, and after death made and threw away all that reminded him of her.

The actress died at the hospital. That day Alexander, as usual, came to her to talk, to entertain, and then went home. Barely crossed the threshold, as the phone rang: doctors asked him to immediately return. He realized what it was.

Touching and slightly confused Lyubov Petrovna saw her husband was only able to whisper, “Well what took you so long!”. It was her only reproach for 42 years of marriage. It was her Declaration of love – not wanted to die without him. Waited.

Immediately after this phrase Orlova lost consciousness and never recovered.

  • Battle kinosbornik number 4 (1941)

  • Jolly fellows (1934)

  • Spring (1947)

  • Volga-Volga (1938)

  • Meeting on the Elbe (1949)

  • The Thing Artamonova (1941)

  • Composer Glinka (1952)

  • Svetlyy put (1940)

  • Skvorets and Lira (1974)

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